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Kingdom Two Crowns – The Lizard


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The Lizard
Island: (4?)
Spawnpoint: Large stone engraved with picture of gem
Unlock Cost: 3 Gems
Cost: 14 Coins

The lizard (AKA the dragon) operates very differently than other mounts. It can sprint like other mounts, but is fairly speedy on all terrain. It’s speed boost, however, is obtained not by grazing over grass, but by resting under the sunlight. This makes obtaining a speed boost impossible for the lizard during the night. At the cost of stamina, the lizard can breathe fire by standing still and pressing [Left Shift], or by attempting to sprint by double-tapping a direction. The lizard spends a second winding up before the attack, and it creates a small fire trap for a few seconds that ignites all enemies that pass through it.

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