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Kingdom Two Crowns: Never Give Up Achievement Guide

This method only works in Norse Lands. use this guide if you are lazy to spend hours on getting the achievement.

Never Give Up Achievement Guide


  • any island in Norse land
  • you cleared the island before performing this method

item that you need:

  • Loki’s staff
  • a keyboard or an extra controller

item that you don’t need:

  • dog


Never Give Up Achievement

  1. Enter coop split screen mode
  2. then empty 2nd’s player coins first
  3. hop in your ship and go to an island that you have cleared. you will soon spawn at the dock
  4. Go to the edge of the dock with both player facing the sea
  • 1st player : using the Loki’s staff, immediately turned into a greed (this will scare your troops and workers away)
  • 2nd player: just stay and act cute
  • 1st player will spam attack on 2nd player. the crown will be sent flying and land on 2nd player back. 4 out 5 times it will land back on 2nd player, if not, just use 2nd player to get the crown back.
  • you can do this like >15 times a day
  • in 10-20 minutes, you will get the achievement

if you can see in the picture, i had the dog with me at that time. the dog will slow you down as you will accidentally pick him up multiple time and it’s kinda annoying to hear him bark for a period of getting this achievement.

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* clearing the island means destroying all portals including the greed mountain core and the portal at the dock
* just found out that you can use cheatengine and increase the game speed by 2x, this will make things faster on getting the achievement (i wish i know this sooner, the game is kinda slow, making it 2x feels more normal speed for me)

Written by jimmie98

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