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Kingdom Two Crowns – Pikemen (Spearmen)


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Pikemen (AKA Spearmen)
Cost: 2 Coins
Pikemen are a temporary unit, meant to be used as a way to turn the tides of a battle you know you may lose. During the day, pikemen wander around aimlessly, occasionally using their spears to hunt for fish, and are the only unit that can hunt during the winter. At night, pikemen guard behind the furthest constructed wall on their assigned side, and stab enemies as they attack the wall. Their attacks pierce through all enemies they touch, and deal the same amount of damage as 1 arrow to each enemy they hit. After 3-4 stabs, the pikeman’s weapon will break, and they will turn back into a peasant. Only 1 pikeman can be active on either side of the kingdom; if there are extras, they will wait in line, getting ready to take the place of the active pikeman when his spear breaks.

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