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Kingdom Two Crowns – The Bonemare (Undead Horse)

The Bonemare (Undead Horse)

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Equipped with extremely high stamina, it is a highly desirable steed for any ruler who ain’t afraid of no ghosts. However, this massive advantage comes at a cost; once you obtain the undead horse, you cannot switch to other mounts until you lose the game.

The horse is available at a special location just like the other steeds, and doesn’t have to be unlocked, players just have to be fortunate enough to encounter it – it generally spawns on later islands, it’s possible to encounter multiple undead horses during the event on different islands. With the horse also comes a subtle visual change, the ruler is transformed into a semi-transparent ghost.

While the horse is only available during a limited time period (after which developers always patch the event out of the game, so it’s not possible to simply trigger it by changing time and date in the OS), it can be kept indefinitely after the event ends, as long as player doesn’t lose the game.

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