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Kingdom Two Crowns – The Secrets of Blazons!

What is a blazon? How do you change it? Find all your answers here!

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How to change your blazon in Kingdom: Two Crowns!

After a bit of experimenting I think I’ve found the formula (or at least, some kind of formula) for blazons. If you don’t know where to find and edit your blazon, then press menu, and go into options, there you will find an empty text box, and next to it it says “set blazon”.

[base color] [a <charge> <color>] [a <animal> <color>]

for example “black a pale grey a lion gold” will give you a black shield with a grey pale (vertical line) and golden lion on top.

Heraldric emblems are known as “charges” and you can find and test a bunch of them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charge_(heraldry)

Working charges I’ve found: Five annulets (from developer gif), a pale, a chief, a fess, a cross, a saltire, lozengy, chequy, bendy, bendy sinister, chevronny, party per cross, party per pale. There are definitely plenty more to find. The ‘party per <>’ just means more then one colour on your charge, lets say you want a black and white check charge, do “black party per cross white”

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Working animals I’ve found: a squirrel (from developer gif), a lion, a swan, a stag, a snake, a fish, a bear, an eagle, an owl, a lizard, an armadillo, a dragon, a hydra. Keep an eye out for new ones whenever you start a new game and make a note of them.

I hope you found this useful, and if there’s anything I’ve missed, please say, as I am still learning!

Written by Douglass

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