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King’s Bounty Warriors of The North Infinite Runes Glitch

In this guide I will tell you how to obtain an infinite amount of runes. The strategy is most useful for the soothsayer class.

King’s Bounty Warriors of The North Infinite Runes Glitch

1) Setup + free mind runes

The setup:

  • Save might runes throughout your gameplay. Runes of mind and magic you can use at your disposal.
  • Get at least one level of the Creation (and Artifactor) skill.
  • Get at least one magic recipy, preferably one that costs little money and magic crystal and no runes. Examples include recipies for Band of Concentration and Silver Rapier.
  • Use a magic recipy. The number of your mind runes is suddenly set to be the number of your might runes.
  • Get a talent requiring a lot of mind runes and little might runes.
  • Keep repeating the last two steps*. This basically means that you can go through the mind skill tree almost for free!
  • You can now destroy all the items you have created to get some or most of your crystals back, meaning this trick basically only costs a little bit of money.


*The magic recipies have a 10% chance of getting destroyed upon creating an item, so you might want to get several cheap ones just in case.

I found this bug to work on version 1.3.1 of the game with Fire and Ice DLC. I do not know whether this works on other versions of the game or without the DLC.

2) Infinite runes

Once you get to New Kordar, you can get an infinite amount of runes as follows:

  • There is a rune trader in New Kordar. Trade all your mind (and magic) runes for might runes.
  • Use a magic recipy.
  • Repeat the last two steps.
  • Congrats, you now have access to infinite runes and can max out all skill trees!
Infinite runes glitch

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