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Knights of Honor II Sovereign Good Army Composition

Me and my best friend have been playing KoH2 non stop (love the game).

We have been doing a lot of co-op and have found a very powerful Auto battle army composition in the game, please enjoy.

Good Army Composition

Hello, as in the description, me and my friend have found a very powerful army composition in the game for auto resolving battles.

I will also include the best marshal skills to complement the army to get the best out of your units.

Army Composition

The best army composition we have found so far for early combat consists of…..

4 Spearmen
2 Swordsmen
2 Archers

Light Spearmen have a base defense of 75
Heavy Spearmen have a base defense of 110

With a few bonuses you can easily get Light Spearmen on par with Heavy Spearmen in nearly all stats.

Swordsmen and Archers are a different ball game because their is a vast variety of Sword and Board and Missile units

Marshal Skills

The Skills I highly recommend to take on the Marshal to compliment your army are…

Primary Skills

Infantry Tactics

+10|15|25 Infantry And Spearmen Defense
+10|15|20 Defense squads resilience

Field Tactics

+1|2|3 Character Level
+5|10|20% Squads Defense
+20|30|50% Natural Terrain Bonuses


+1|2|3 Character Level
+10|15|20% Defense when defending during siege, assault and break-siege battles
Allows construction of Catapults
+5|10|15% siege attack

Secondary Skills


+1|2|3 Character Level
-10|20|50% cost for refilling squds
+2|3|5 workers in Town


+1|2|3 Character Level
+2|3|5% Army travel speed
-20|30|50% usage of army’s supplies
+50|100|200 Food storage in governed Town


I hope this guide will assist you in making your Kingdom powerful my lords and ladies hopefully you will be crowned Emperor of the World.

Written by Maddude333

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