Knights of Honor II Sovereign Secret Achievements

Knights of Honor II Sovereign Secret Achievements

Hello everyone, this is a list/guide of all the 15 secret achievements currently in the game. Just before I get started I want to state something. These secret achievements are not hard to get as they are meant to be funny easter eggs. So, knowing how to get them probably takes out the fun for some people. You’ve been warned!

Here we go..

Knights of Honor II Sovereign Secret Achievements

Liberty or Death

Short Description: Decline a peace offer while fighting for your last province.
How to get: You need the enemy to offer peace to you while you simultaneously are in a battle for your last province. You then have to decline that peace offer.


Short Description: Have an army at the left border of the map.
How to get: Just send an army to the left border of the map.

He Made It Out

Short Description: Your marshal was imprisoned after being defeated by a keep. Afterwards he made it out of prison.
How to get: Send a marshal without any units near an enemy keep. The keep will fire at the marshal and will either kill him or imprison him. If he gets imprisoned, you then have to get him out of prison. Doesn’t matter how you do it, you can pay the ransom or try to riot or use a spy to help im escape the prison.

Forth Eorlingas

Short Description: Break a siege with your king.
How to get: Wait until an enemy sieges one of your provinces. Then send your king in an army to break the siege.

In Our Darkest Hour

Short Description: Become a vassal.
How to get: Just offer vassalage to anybody until somebody accepts.


Short Description: As Scotland, claim independence.
How to get: Since Scotland doesn’t start as a vassal, you first have to become a vassal and then claim independence afterwards.

Crom I Have Never Prayed

Short Description: As a pagan with the ‘Heroes’ and ‘Battles’ believes, change your religion.
How to get: Start as a pagan realm. Adopt both pagan believes ‘Heroes’ and ‘Battles’. Change your religion while holding those believes.


Short Description: As a pagan with the ‘Ocean’ and ‘Raids’ believes, change your religion.
How to get: Start as a pagan realm. Adopt both pagan believes ‘Ocean’ and ‘Raids’. Change your religion while holding those believes.

A Leinster Always Pays

Short Description: While playing as Leinster, offer and give someone gold.
How to get: Start the game as Leinster. Collect gold until you can ‘Offer Gold’ to another realm.

You Dare Challenge

Short Description: Declare war against ‘Salamanca’.
How to get: This one is tricky, as there is no ‘Salamanca’ in any game start. You have to use your spies until you are able to bribe the governor of the province ‘Salamanca’. If the governor is bribed, after some time a spy action will become available to ‘Back Independency’. If this spy action goes through, the governor will form a new independent realm called ‘Salamanca’. Then you only have to declare war against them.

What Weve Got

Short Description: Start a war because your inheritance claim was declined.
How to get: Marry your king or prince to a princess. If the father of the princess dies before her spouse dies or becomes irrelevant (brother of king), you’ll get a message to claim lands. The other realm has to decline your claim, which results into a war.

Tis But A Scratch

Short Description: Have one of your level 15 character killed.
How to get: Earn enough books to make one of your characters level 15. Then get them killed. Easiest with marshal as you just have to run into an unwinable battle without units.

Vlad The Impaler

Short Description: Execute 10 prisoners in a single game.
How to get: Pretty easy as you get tons of prisoners from rebellions, wars and witch hunts. Just execute every prisoner you have.

Do You Read?

Short Description: Have 3 rebellions in your realm at the same time.
How to get: Just play bad and don’t do anyhting against instability. But have enough (will)power to stay in the game and fight rebellions. Also, play at least on normal difficulty as otherwise 3 rebellions can’t even spawn at the same time.

I Started A Joke

Short Description: Fail an emperor of the world vote you started yourself.
How to get: Gain 5000 fame. You should be able to Claim Emperor of the world if you have 5000 fame and are a great power. Fail that vote by not being liked by the other great powers.

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