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Kynseed Beginner’s Guide & Tips

A bunch of useful tips and beginner’s guide for Kynseed.

Kynseed Beginner’s Guide & Tips

These section(s) are for beginners who just got this wonderful game and have not finished the Prologue yet.

Okay, you’ve finished going through character creation and the opening cutscenes. Picking your path in the beginning has an effect on stats and what lens you get (more on lenses later). The tutorial with your sibling shows you menus and information banks. You do need to press whatever button your sibling says to press in order to continue and complete the tutorial.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

In the calendar menu you can see your tasks, the date and what events are on that date, and a collection of tips about gameplay. If you ever need to remember something about gameplay, you can check there first. There are 8 catagories of tasks.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

The inventory menu has anything you’ve picked up. It has categories within categories, including proverbs, recipes, books, and insect collections. You can move around in it either through a mouse or through your keyboard, A and D moving left and right respectively, and tab switching only the top categories.

During the Prologue, Uncle Bill and your sibling will have a lot to say, resulting in exclamation points or question marks over their heads. Other villagers will have the same marks if they have something to say or if you have some action to do involving them.

Find the mapstones that let you see the map, preferably in all areas, so in case you get lost, you’re not aimlessly wandering around. Pick up everything that you can, since there’s no inventory limit yet, you can get away with it for now. M button is for the map, Q will take you to big view of all the areas once you’re in the map. You don’t need to fill the offering bowl outside your house until the end of the Prologue.

Mounts. Click on an animal,which takes you to an action menu, and press the left button. This will allow you to ride it unless it is an animal that cannot be ridden, in which case the left button is replaced with a pet action. Your animal will not follow you automatically unless you also press the right button. You can dismount by pressing Tab, and while walking around regularly, can press Tab to call animals to you. You can only ride animals you own.

Walkthrough of all the days in the Prologue

This section is a day-by-day walkthrough of basic things that happen in the Prologue. All of this information is given to you in-game, I just had a random thought of “What if my mom was reading this?” and then decided to go ahead and compile everything.

The First Night
You’ll wake up on an icy road, with no way to go but up. At the end of the road, is an ominously floating seed. The Kynseed. When you interact with it, the seed promptly roots itself into your soul, and a mysterious figure asks you if you fear the dark side. The figure tells you to wake up, and after being devoured by not-at-all creepy looking vine hands, you’ll wake up to…

Day Two
Uncle Bill will ask you to go buy a tin bucket from the shop in the village, and will provide money for it. You can find the shop here. The shop also has a selling function in the back to the right of the counter.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

On your way to the village, you might run into a Druida statue. These statues provide an offering function used to boost stats, and a quick-travel function that costs regular apples and only works if you’ve found a statue to travel too.Offering can only be done on Druida day, and works like a scale. You put something desirable to one goddess in her bowl, the goddess’s next to her will be upset and give you disadvantages. If its undesirable to the goddess, the goddess’s around will give you advantages. It is possible to satisfy every goddess, but you’ll receive neither disadvantages or advantages. You can see at the bottom of the offering menu two tabs for desirable times and undesirable.

You’ll also receive your first letter from Twig, the guy who lives in Dreamers Nook, the area right above Willowdown Farm. He’ll invite you for a visit and give you a fishing rod and unlock the fishing skill.

Day Three
Today is market day. Uncle Bill will send you to the market to buy seeds, and provides three coins. If you’ve built up other coins by completing tasks or selling items to the store, you can also use that money to buy more. Festival Green, the marketplace, is located directly south of the town square. In the bottom right of Festival Green, you’ll also find a man standing next to a field. Talking to him activates a minigame costing one brass to play. To win it, you want to aim exclusively for the green circles; they give you an extra ball if you land in the middle. There are three prizes. You’ll also notice a Wozzyit hovering over an empty stall. This stall is one you can use at the price of 2 brass per hour to sell items.

Day Four
Uncle Bill asks you to use the tin bucket you bought and bring milk to Mother Hubbard. To pick up liquids using the bucket, you stand next to the source and hold right click. Bottles perform the same function. Liquids collected in bottles and in buckets can be given as gifts, without losing the bottle or bucket. You can put things in your hotbar slots by finding them in your inventory and dragging it to the slot you want. To get to her house, go left from Candlewych until you reach Candlewych Cottage, and then go up. Talking to her will unlock the cooking skill, and talking to her again will give her the milk.

Day Five
This day is headed by the need to buy a tin sickle from the Blacksmiths shop, located directly north from the Candlewych town square. Before you head out, pick up the lantern sitting on the table in your house, if you haven’t already. If you go there too early, they might not be open, but if you can find the character you need to talk to, Jeremie Smith, you can still get the information and key needed to forge your own sickle. The mine is even more north and little to the left, surrounded by a wooden gate. When you go in, you can right click on the lantern to light it. You don’t need to hold the lantern to keep the light on, and the light will follow your cursor. Once you’ve collected tin ore from the mine, you can go talk to Jeremie and start the Blacksmithing minigame at the forge.

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Day Six
Today’s task is to head down to the Festival Green and witness a pig auction, and if you’ve made enough money, buy one! The auction starts at noon, and can be found to the left in Festival Green. You can also chat with your sibling to play a game of Cluck, Oink, Baa, or rock paper scissors. I lost.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

There is also a task to see the noticeboard outside the shop. Every village has one somewhere.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

This is the place for people to ask other people (meaning you) to get things for them in exchange for money or friendship, whichever they’d rather part with. There are four types of requests for you to take. You’ll also notice events posted here. If you click on the event, you can add it to your calendar, and will then be able to see when the event is for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Types of requests:

Big Request. Asks for a lot of stuff, and usually will have money as a reward.

I lost something. (NPC) lost something somewhere, and if you take the request, you can go find it for them. It will have the picture of the item the NPC is looking for underneath the text. It is really hard to find the items, so I typically just ignore them.

Item Wanted. These ones are the simplest to follow. (NPC) wants you to gift them something. Notice the word ‘gift’. When you take these requests, once you have the item, you go up to the NPC who requested it, then open up their action menu and click the up option, a big green gift box. If they’re actively selling something, you’ll have to talk to them by pressing the left option in the action menu, then choosing the gift option after greeting them.

Too busy to cook. These requests usually have some type of image underneath the text, and will ask the player to deliver something to them between certain times. They might detail exactly what kind of meal they want in the request, or might just say to give them something cooked and farm grown.

Farming help. Go water someones farm for them.

Day Seven
Druida day! Time to learn about offering from Uncle Bill at the Festival Green.

Day Eight
To cure Uncle Bills illness, you need to talk to the apothecary and gather some cuckoo dew. You can find it all the way to left on the lowest level in Candlewych Cottage. Take it back, get your medicine, and then give it to Uncle Bill through the gift option.

Day Nine
Deliver milk to Pappy Cowe, Hazel Nutt, and Worzel Scrumpy, located in Cowpat Farm, Cuckoo Wood, and Testy Acres respectively.

Day Ten
Meet Lucy Arrows at the stonehenge next to her house in North Gate at 6 pm, create a custom task after talking to Uncle Bill, and deliver honey to Jacob at the Burial Grounds.

Day Eleven
On the 11th day of the Prologue, Ash Brown sends you a letter reading,

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Once you get to Cuckoo Wood, you can find him standing along the pathway. Once you approach, you’ll automatically get put into his dialogue string. He tells you he wants to catch a Silver Skipper, and gives you a jar. If you go right from there and keep going right, you’ll come across the tree he tells you about. After you’ve thrown a pear past the tree and into the water a silver butterfly will come flying out of the woods and you can catch it by holding right click with the jar in hand next to it. You can retrieve the pear after. If you go find Ash, he tells you about a Master of Naturalism in Pinehaven.

Day Twelve
Letter from Twig explaining the meeting with his friend.

Day Thirteen
Your sibling has gone to the North Gate for some reason and told you to come find them. They are standing at the actual gate itself at the top of the map.

Day Fourteen
A day of celebration.

Fairweathers Gifts

At the end of the Prologue, he will give you the Kynseed and will give you three options for a gift. There’s the Clockwork Clock, which is a handy device that replaces the dandelions you would otherwise have to tell time by. It shows you the exact hour of the day, the date, and the season, and will never disappear.
The Gluttons Trough is an auto feeder for your pigs. You put food in, and at a specific hour, it’ll send the food out.

The Wooden Key allows you to take the fairy pathways. Some of the areas don’t have a pathway, and the entryways are a bit hard to find, even though they are on the map. Once you have the key, you can travel anywhere there’s another entryway, once you’ve gone through one.

If you go back, each year he can also have other gifts.

  • Forget-Me-Yet seeds reset a persons opinion of you, whether good or bad.
  • Mirror Mirror boosts your charm that day on use.
  • Turdis which allows you to travel between outhouses.
  • Judiths Charming Charmer Charm allows you to buy gossip from NPC’s.
  • Vase of Forgiveness makes it so your spouse will never hate you.
  • Watermans Reminder reminds you about events and mail.
  • Home Sweet Home can teleport you home from anywhere on the map.

Animals, Events, and where to find them

There are four types of farm animals currently in the game. Sheep, chickens, cows, and pigs. There are auctions for the sheep, chickens, and pigs, but currently the only cow you can own in the game is Buttercup.

Besides farm animals, there are also dogs and cats. You can purchase a dog from one of the general stores, and purchase cats from Hazel in Cuckoo Wood after you do a quest to save one of her cats. If you’re on a old save, and have done the quest before, you’ll unfortunately need to make a new save and do the quest again in order to buy a cat.


A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Starting at 12 pm, a bunch of NPC’s and animals will show up here and the auctions will begin. The announcer standing behind the podium will tell you the animal’s name, speed, quality, and mood. Speed, quality, and mood can either be good, bad, amazing, or average. To bid, stand behind one of the empty boxes with a gavel over it and click. Once the announcer has said what the animals mood is, bidding will begin. I won’t tell you how I buy the animals because I make bad money choices, but basically, just raise the bid by one until you win, and don’t wait long to bid because sometimes it won’t give you a final warning before it ends.

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Sheep auctions are in FineFayre, Mellowfields, on the 4th and the 12th. Chicken auctions are in FestField, Poppyhill, on the 1st and the 8th. Pig auctions are in the Festival Green below Candlewych, on the 6th and the 13th. You can only have 3 pigs at a time.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Animals. All animals will appreciate higher quality foods. Sheep will eat fruit, vegetables, dandelions, and wheat. Sheep don’t currently give you anything, and cannot be blown up and popped like the pigs, and they can be ridden. Cows will eat fruit, vegetables, dandelions, and wheat, and can be milked with either a bucket or a bottle. You can also pet them to gain friendship points. Chickens will eat fruit, vegetables, and wheat. You cannot ride them, and can pet them instead. Chickens can be fed Gassy apples and popped with your slingshot like pigs, and they drop drumsticks when you do so. They also give eggs. You can take the eggs that other peoples chickens drop as well. Pigs will eat anything, and can be popped and ridden. According to its quality, each animal will give you different amounts of whatever it drops.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Dogs. Because yes, they do have some nice mechanics. If you’ve already found all the books about dogs and read them, you probably don’t need this section, but for the people who haven’t, here it is! Dogs, when they follow you around, will say ‘Woof Woof’ and sit next to it when they’ve found a digging spot. Its a little hard to see, but basically its a little lump on the ground you can hit with your shovel to open up a numbers minigame. The game is a bit like a minesweeper one, where you have to click one of the tiles to see how many blocks away you were from the actual prize. You have three clicks, each of them revealing a number of blocks away that isn’t counted diagonally, to triangulate exactly where the prize is. Sometimes, there’ll just be another layer to do but I hope that means its a better prize, cause I haven’t won one of those yet. So far I’ve gotten bones and some brass for doing the minigame. Dogs will also help you fight, and will bark when enemies are near. They can be bought from the general stores in the different towns. They are also cute. Like every animal in this game.

Cats. In the Prologue, when you meet Hazel Nutt, you can talk to her again to receive a quest to go get one of her cats out of a tree. (Thank you to Shadzy for letting me know!)

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide
A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Click on the cat, then go talk to Hazel! She’ll let you purchase a cat from her for ten brass.

Racing. For each type of farm animal (excluding cows) there is a racing event. In order to bet on the race, you need to click on the person behind the book table at the racing field. (racing field)

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

If you want to enter your own animal, ride up to the betting table and click to get a message asking you if you want to enter the animal you’re riding. If you click yes, you can then proceed to the regular betting menu and then bet on whichever animal you want. Depending on the animals happiness, love for its owner, and speed, it has a bigger or smaller chance to win.

Events. As it stands now, I’ve already covered Racing and animal Markets. Other than those two, there are only three more events.

Market Day is exactly what it sounds like. A day where people go to the festival area and buy stuff. All of the NPC booths will sell different varieties of seeds, depending on what area you go to. Its a good day to sell your stuff too, since more NPCs will be wandering around. Other than that, in the Festival Green area you can play a tossing game. The prizes for it are a magic bean, a rainstick, and a lute. The magic bean you can plant near Twigs house, the rainstick will make it rain, and you can play the lute.

Druida Day. On this day, you celebrate Druida, in the hopes of good crops and plentiful orchards. Its also a day you can do the tossing minigame. And get blessings from the different Goddesses, depending on how much grace you generated over the week to spend.

Travelling Traders Notice the plural here. There are several, all popping around in each of the three areas in the major towns on certain days, which are marked on your calendar after you talk to each one.

Faery Areas

This part of the guide is currently being researched and revamped!

Did you know that by shining a black light onto one of the stone henge type areas while standing on the intricately designed rock center will open up a portal to a faery realm? Well, if you didn’t before, you do now!

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

In total, it looks like there’s four areas we will eventually be able to go into. The spiral, in the picture above, and the top right symbol are the ones that are currently accessible. Going into the spiral portal will take you to Mr. Fairweather, where you can trade more of your lifespan for faery gifts. There is also a fourth gift you can choose, called Home Sweet Home, which just takes you back to your home at any time, from any where. It’ll probably get nerfed soon.

In the right portal is Tir Na Nog, a faery town. Here, you can find Sugar Plums, Songstrells, Funflowers, and Gummy Mushrooms scattered about the area. There is also a mine that contains Luminum ore, a tinkers house, a game show, a cute shop, and the Tooth Fairy’s house. There are also mapstones to find, but no goddess statues.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Unfortunately, the only things that currently function are the mine and the shop. The game show house just shows you the dialogue and then kicks you out.

Making Some Brass

Heh heh, my favorite part so far. Mostly because its easy. Lets discuss how easy, shall we?

Selling Items to the General Stores. Its a quick way to get the 25 brass it has to spend every morning. What it is good for, is finding out how much the bottom price is for things that you can sell at the market booths. Click on the item you’re thinking of selling, and then boom, whatever price it says is the bottom price. That being said, you can actually sell it for more at the market booth. If you’re not sure about an item, its always good to check!

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A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Smithing Items and then Selling Them. This can be fairly profitable if you have lots of copper ore and a sword mold. Simply craft some copper swords at Jeremies Irons, and then talk to Jeremie to get paid! Top quality copper swords get you about 14 brass each, and you can make them reasonably quickly. If you feel like it, you can purchase the ore from the general store in Mellowbrook.

Market Booth. I make most of my money here. What I do is I catch a lot of fish, then sell it for exorbitant prices at the Market. Really though, you can sell most anything at a market booth, at any time. Certain times of day will have an affect on how many people walk through, though. The best day to sell is a Goods Market day or a Druida Day. Read the things the NPCs say after they see your price, and then adjust it accordingly. You can adjust it by pressing Q, then picking the item you want to sell, once you’re selling in the booth. Obviously, what you’re selling can affect how much people would be willing to pay for it. Fish seems to have the most variety of prices. When you’re selling in the booth, its a 2 brass fine per hour to sell. However, you can avoid it by either getting out before the hour is over, or not selling at the beginning of a new hour. Its hard to tell on a dandelion clock, so I’d suggest a Clockwork Clock if you really want to avoid the 2 brass fine.

Betting on the Races. I haven’t tested this for all the animals, partially because I can’t get my sheep to love me and partially because I don’t remember which one is the one I wanted to race. But for the pigs, its a gold mine. Or brass, gold just sounds cooler.

You’ll want to go to the animal auctions and buy an animal with a fast speed, and preferably a average or better mood, so you don’t have to spend too much time making it love you. If you don’t have one with a good mood, oh well. You’ll just have to spend more time making it love you first. After that, ride it to the racing field on racing day, make sure its happy and fed, enter it, and reap your winnings. As with all betting, I wouldn’t suggest putting everything you have in, just a moderate amount that you won’t miss in the morning.

Experiences with Owning a Shop

So. My business sense isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be, evidenced by my profit loss of about 200 brass when I finally sold it. It, being Jeremies Irons, which I was excited to finally own, only to realize its a lot harder to make a profit with than any other money making method I knew of. This is largely just due to the game being unfinished. It’ll get better, its just not quite there yet.

My main problem was that I couldn’t get quality ores, which brought down the quality of my tools until I was selling them for mere pennies. Even if I got five stars when crafting a scythe, it would still only end up with a overall quality of three, which brought down my price and made reputation garnering slow. So I tried hiring skilled workers. Who gave me one star products, because they didn’t have any work experience, even though they were the original owners of the shop.

If you were willing to do the grinding, you could eventually turn a profit from owning a blacksmiths shop. I’m not, so I sold it with the hope of repurchasing in the future.

Random Things

  1. Poo can be used as a fertilizer for anything, not just your own crops.
  2. If you do take another gift and then pay your year penalty, your animals and relationships won’t be effected.
  3. Remember that year taxes are paid at the end of the year.
  4. Once you offer something to the Brounies, the offering bowl will turn blue on the inside every new day you do it.
  5. There are chests inside some of the houses that have combination locks that change every time you guess wrong.
  6. While blacksmithing, if you own the shop, you can press y to shout ‘hang on!’ at a customer waiting for service. Depending on how well the customer likes you, you can get anywhere from an extra 1 to 10 seconds by doing so.
  7. Don’t forget you can sleep at any time to pass hours faster.
  8. Using a sickle to harvest a crop will give you more crops.
  9. If you become good enough friends with someone, they’ll allow you to steal take the crops from their private gardens.
  10. When you talk to a person you have to deliver something too, the item wanted will be at the top of the gifts menu and sparkles a little bit.
  11. Once you pass the prologue, you no longer have a curfew, and can stay up for weeks without sleep.
  12. Noon is generally the busiest time of day.
  13. You can use A and D keys when going through mail and setting times to sleep to rotate faster.
  14. Feeding someone else’s animal a gassy apple and then exploding them is allowed.
  15. If you interact with someones mailbox, you can leave the people in that household gifts.
  16. Feeding cows gassy apples does nothing.
  17. Feeding sheep gassy apples does nothing.
  18. If you buy a pig when Father sends you to the market, he will be pleased.
  19. Unfortunately, you can’t collect the faery lights in a jar when Twig sends you to Fairweather.
  20. You can totally grind your own flour from wheat and barley in a windmill.
  21. You can befriend farmers and then proceed to steal their livelihood when granted item permission.
  22. When you befriend people, they will sometimes send you gifts.
  23. Milking the Travelling Traders AnimalCow gives milk.
  24. You can store items in the cupboard next to the cooking station in your house.
  25. Monument stones now glow when you click on them, making it much easier to find status’s on relationships.
  26. It is possible to fail the blacksmith minigame.
  27. You can left click while holding an item over your head to put it away.
  28. You can’t collect water when its raining.
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