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Kynseed Brass: How to Earn

Kynseed Brass Guide

Heh heh, my favorite part so far. Mostly because its easy. Lets discuss how easy, shall we?

Selling Items to the General Stores. Its a quick way to get the 25 brass it has to spend every morning. What it is good for, is finding out how much the bottom price is for things that you can sell at the market booths. Click on the item you’re thinking of selling, and then boom, whatever price it says is the bottom price. That being said, you can actually sell it for more at the market booth. If you’re not sure about an item, its always good to check!

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Smithing Items and then Selling Them. This can be fairly profitable if you have lots of copper ore and a sword mold. Simply craft some copper swords at Jeremies Irons, and then talk to Jeremie to get paid! Top quality copper swords get you about 14 brass each, and you can make them reasonably quickly. If you feel like it, you can purchase the ore from the general store in Mellowbrook.

Market Booth. I make most of my money here. What I do is I catch a lot of fish, then sell it for exorbitant prices at the Market. Really though, you can sell most anything at a market booth, at any time. Certain times of day will have an affect on how many people walk through, though. The best day to sell is a Goods Market day or a Druida Day. Read the things the NPCs say after they see your price, and then adjust it accordingly. You can adjust it by pressing Q, then picking the item you want to sell, once you’re selling in the booth. Obviously, what you’re selling can affect how much people would be willing to pay for it. Fish seems to have the most variety of prices. When you’re selling in the booth, its a 2 brass fine per hour to sell. However, you can avoid it by either getting out before the hour is over, or not selling at the beginning of a new hour. Its hard to tell on a dandelion clock, so I’d suggest a Clockwork Clock if you really want to avoid the 2 brass fine.

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Betting on the Races. I haven’t tested this for all the animals, partially because I can’t get my sheep to love me and partially because I don’t remember which one is the one I wanted to race. But for the pigs, its a gold mine. Or brass, gold just sounds cooler.

You’ll want to go to the animal auctions and buy an animal with a fast speed, and preferably a average or better mood, so you don’t have to spend too much time making it love you. If you don’t have one with a good mood, oh well. You’ll just have to spend more time making it love you first. After that, ride it to the racing field on racing day, make sure its happy and fed, enter it, and reap your winnings. As with all betting, I wouldn’t suggest putting everything you have in, just a moderate amount that you won’t miss in the morning.

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