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Kynseed Chapter 5 Fae Realm Maps (Mapstones, Mines, Ores)

Kynseed Chapter 5 Fae Realm Maps (Mapstones, Mines, Ores and more). Having trouble finding those mapstones? Are you constantly forgetting where the mines for that one ore are?

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Kynseed Chapter 5 Fae Realm Maps

To enter any of the fae realms, you must have the lantern given to you from Twig when going to meet Fairweather for the first time, as well as the realm’s corresponding lens. Stand before a stone henge doorway on the pad, it should glow blue and you can shine the green light towards the doorway to the realm you wish to visit, a portal shall open. To enter the markets in these realms, you must level up your reputation, then you will receive an item from the Grandmasters that will allow you to enter.


There are no mapstones in Briar, and nothing else to do there other than visit with Mr. Fairweather.

Tir Na Nog

You need the lens with three circles on it to enter, to get it you must first meet with the Grandmasters.

There is a mine with 4 luminium nodes at the top center. In the center below the flower pond is a fae shop, left and directly bellow that is the tinker’s shop. To the far right is a popping pig game. To the left at the top is a fountain that gives you cleansing water. At the far left is a tree that gives yum juice. In the bottom right is a purple fae creature that can be milked.

Maps of Quill
Maps of Quill


You need the lens that can be bought for 2000 brass from the fae shop in Tir Na Nog to access this realm. The market doesn’t seem to have it’s own mapstone here, so no separate map.
Maps of Quill

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