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Kynseed Fairweathers Gifts

Fairweathers Gifts

At the end of the Prologue, he will give you the Kynseed and will give you three options for a gift. There’s the Clockwork Clock, which is a handy device that replaces the dandelions you would otherwise have to tell time by. It shows you the exact hour of the day, the date, and the season, and will never disappear.
The Gluttons Trough is an auto feeder for your pigs. You put food in, and at a specific hour, it’ll send the food out.

The Wooden Key allows you to take the fairy pathways. Some of the areas don’t have a pathway, and the entryways are a bit hard to find, even though they are on the map. Once you have the key, you can travel anywhere there’s another entryway, once you’ve gone through one.

If you go back, each year he can also have other gifts.

  • Forget-Me-Yet seeds reset a persons opinion of you, whether good or bad.
  • Mirror Mirror boosts your charm that day on use.
  • Turdis which allows you to travel between outhouses.
  • Judiths Charming Charmer Charm allows you to buy gossip from NPC’s.
  • Vase of Forgiveness makes it so your spouse will never hate you.
  • Watermans Reminder reminds you about events and mail.
  • Home Sweet Home can teleport you home from anywhere on the map.

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