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Kynseed Item Locations: Food, Flower, Seed, Ore, Key, Recipes

All Item Locations in Kynseed.

Kynseed Item Locations

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Base Foods

  • Strawberry: The Twanging Gardens
  • Blueberry: The Twanging Gardens
  • Gooseberry: The Twanging Gardens
  • Nightberry (Night): The Twanging Gardens, Willowdown Farm, Herbert Lemon, Candlewych Cottage
  • Sugar Plum: Tir Na Nog on trees
  • Gassy Apple: Rare drop from Apple trees
  • Tomato: Willowdown Farm, Candlewych Cottage
  • Thyme: Willowdown Farm, Halfmoon House, Candlewych Cottage, Candlewych Village Apothecary
  • Basil: Willowdown Farm, Candlewych Cottage, Candlyewich Village Apothecary
  • Honey: Typically One Beehive in Each Town
  • Apple: Burial Grounds, Willowdown Farm, Candlewych Cottage, Candlewych West, Poppy Hill
  • Pear: Candlewych Cottage, Willowdown Farm, Poppyhill
  • Coriander: Candlewych Cottage, Halfmoon House (Candlewych Village)
  • Catnip: The Twanging Gardens, Cunning Plots (Olive Ridge)
  • Ginger: The Twanging Gardens, Cunning Plots (Olive Ridge)
  • Nettle: Outlane
  • Parsley: The Twanging Gardens, Poppyhill Apothecary
  • Mint: The Twanging Gardens, FestField (Goods Market), Poppyhill Apothecary
  • Mandrake: Frogmarsh, Dreadwaters
  • Rainbow Mushroom (Found by entrances to mines): Cunning Plots
  • Grapes: Kooky Burrows (Outlane)
  • Garlic: Copperpot Apothecary
  • Dusk Cherry: E’ergreen
  • Eldersberry: E’ergreen
  • Heartroot: E’ergreen
  • Veill: Voide
  • Crystal Beans: Voide


  • Dandelion: Scattered about the Overworld
  • Songstrell Flower: Tir Na Nog
  • Gummy Mushroom: Tir Na Nog, The Twanging Gardens
  • Funflower: Tir Na Nog, The Twanging Gardens
  • Sunflower: The Twanging Gardens, Cunning Plots
  • Little Sap: Tir Na Nog
  • Ulisis: The Twanging Gardens, E’ergreen
  • Luachra: The Twanging Gardens, E’ergreen
  • Bloodfew: Burial Grounds, Cuckoo Wood, Candlewych Cottage, Homesteads
  • Poppy: Poppyhill, Loverwood
  • Charmweed (Summer): Homesteads, Loverwood
  • Bowing Nancy: Homesteads, Loverwood
  • Thistle: Freyl’s Fields, The Twanging Gardens
  • Chamomile: Outlane, FestField (Goods Market), Cunning Plots
  • Pink Rose: The Twanging Gardens, Mellowbrook
  • White Rose: Loverwood (Solsday)
  • Cuckoo Dew: Cuckoo Wood
  • Spearwort: Copperpot, Frogmarch
  • Bogeyman Fungus: Ferrous Footway
  • Bogbean: Dreadwaters, Frogmarsh
  • Blind Mary: Dreadwaters
  • Iris: Dreadwaters
  • Aloe Vera: Weed Family Poppyhill
  • Orchid: Cunning Plots
  • Dank Moss: Pour Water on stumps at The Cuttings
  • Milk Moss: Pour Milk on stumps at The Cuttings
  • Sweet Moss: Pour Water on stumps at The Cuttings
  • Caorthann: E’ergreen
  • Sceach Geal: E’ergreen
  • Phasmasm: Voide
  • Ifferys: Voide
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  • Pork Tree Seed: Pixie’s Lottery Emporium
  • Songstrell Seed: Pixie’s Lottery Emporium
  • Funflower Seed: Pixie’s Lottery Emporium
  • Turnip Seed: FineFayre (Goods Market), Greymarket (Goods Market)
  • Barley Seed: FineFayre (Goods Market)
  • Lettuce Seed: FineFayre (Goods Market), Greymarket (Goods Market)
  • Sunflower Seed: FineFayre (Goods Market)
  • Pumpkin Seed: FineFayre (Goods Market), Greymarket (Goods Market)
  • Radish Seed: FineFayre (Goods Market)
  • Pink Rose Seed: Greymarket Traveling Merchant, Mellowbrook (Summer)
  • Iris Seed: Greymarket Traveling Merchant, Greymarket
  • Cavewort Seed: Greymarket Traveling Merchant
  • Mockcluckie Seed: E’ergreen Merchant
  • Heart Root Seed: E’ergreen Merchant


  • Luminium Ore: Tir Na Nog
  • Zinc Ore: Mellowmine, Mellowbrook Blacksmith
  • Copper Ore: Poppyhill Blacksmith
  • Iron Ore: Copperpot Blacksmith
  • Shaddewryth Ore: E’ergreen
  • Hyalite Ore: Voide


  • Gnome Mine Key: Herbert Lemon NPC Quest (Full Friendship)
  • Worzel’s Grotto Key: Worzel Scrumpy NPC Quest
  • Deep Mine Key: Level Up to Craftsman


  • Stingy Sponge: Freyl’s Field
  • Mother’s Milk Pudding: Pappy Cowe Chest
  • Mushroom Pie: Greymarket
  • Gooseberry Pie: Arthur Brown Gift
  • Serf & Terf: Lemmy Sipp Gift
  • Sunset Driveover: Ignatius Kettle Gift
  • Moxy Jam: Frogmarsh
  • Chop Gooey: Edna Teapott Gify
  • Turnip Pie: Nerys Nail
  • Fairy Cake: Tir Na Nog
  • Heart Root Broth: E’ergreen
  • Dusk Cherry Jam: E’ergreen
  • Eldersberry Jam: E’ergreen Merchant
  • Berry Bright Bread: E’ergreen
  • Continyuum: Voide
  • Veill Jam: Voide
  • Lambton Pie: Story Quest
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  • Healing Cream: FestField (Goods Market)


  • Utensils Mould: Mellowbrook Blacksmith Store
  • Ward Mould: Mellowbrook Blacksmith Store
  • Charm Mould: Mellowbrook Blacksmith Store
  • Hammer Mould: Copperpot Blacksmith Store
  • Jewellery Mould: Copperpot Blacksmith Store
  • Sword Mould: Poppyhill Blacksmith Store
  • Bucket Mould: Poppyhill Blacksmith Store
  • Decorative Mould: Poppyhill Blacksmith Stor
  • Blonde Dye: Homesteads TM, Apothecary Poppyhill
  • Blood Red Dye: Apothecary Poppyhill, E’ergreen Merchant
  • Green Dye: Homesteads TM, Fae Merchant
  • Ginger Dye: Candlewych Village TM
  • Pink Dye: Fae Merchant
  • Black Dye: Copperpot TM
  • Blue Dye: Copperpot TM
  • Grey Dye: Mellowbrook TM
  • Purple Dye: Mellowbrook TM, E’ergreen Merchant


  • Bluefish: During Autumn, Winter and Summer in Mellowfields in Ponds
  • Eel: All Regions During the Night in Rivers
  • Pike: All Regions During the Morning in Rivers
  • Barbel: Mellowfields During the Evening in Rivers
  • Rainfish: All Regions During the Rain in Ponds
  • River Trout: The Vale During the Evening in Rivers
  • Offal Tench: The Vale During the Morning in Ponds
  • Checkered Chub: During Spring, Autumn and Winter in The Vale During the Evening in Ponds
  • Moonfish: All Regions on Even Days During the Night in Ponds
  • Minnow: Summerdown During the Morning in Ponds
  • Swamflatch: Tir Na Nog All Day in All Water
  • Flickerfin: Tir Na Nog During the Evening in Rivers
  • Fishie Wishie: Tir Na Nog During the Night in Ponds
  • Cursefish: All Regions while Storms in Ponds
  • FlagFish: During Spring, Summer, and Autumn in Summerdown while Windy in Ponds
  • FireFish: During Winter, Spring, and Summer while Sunny in Pools
  • Pondlurker: The Vale During the Daytime in Ponds
  • SilverScale: Mellowfields during The Daytime in All Water
  • Lorianthe: E’ergreen During the Morning in All Water
  • FishManyFinger: E’ergreen during the Afternoon in All Water
  • Needlenip: E’ergreen during the Evening in All Water
  • Salmon: During Spring, Summer, and Autumn in Summerdown in Rivers
  • Weedskimmer: During Summer, Autumn and Winter in All Regions in Ponds
  • Mudkipper: During Autumn, Winter and Spring in Woemarsh in Rivers
  • Cointail: During Winter, Spring and Summer in All Regions in Pools
  • Gasbelly: Woemarsh During the Morning in All Water
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Monster Parts
Amethyst: Fae Market.

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