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Kynseed Owning a Blacksmith

Blacksmithing is difficult to understand at first, but I hope this guide helps those start up a Blacksmith without any issues!

Saving Up for a Blacksmith

In my opinion, owning a Blacksmith has yielded me a decent amount of money and has gotten me to Legend status the fastest. You can choose any way you’d like to save money, but here’s how I did it!

1. Collect eggs and ores, use offerings to double both. 2. Sell eggs at marketplace until you’ve made 500 bronze. 3. Purchase Jeremie’s Irons in Candlewych Village.

Here is a list of all the Blacksmiths available for purchase in the game:

  • Jeremie’s Irons (Candlewych Village)
  • Hammer & Nails (Poppyhill)
  • Peddle to the Metal (Mellowbrook)
  • Solid Metal Gear (Copperpot)

Saving Up for a Blacksmith:

The first blacksmith I recommend purchasing is Jeremie’s Irons. It costs 500 and is the closest to your farm. I saved my 500 by collecting eggs from chickens in Candlewych Village and Testy Acres everyday and using the offerings every 7th day to make sure they drop two eggs instead of one. You can also befriend Once you’ve collected enough eggs, use the market to sell them at a max price of 3 per egg at the amount of hours of your choice until you’ve saved up enough to purchase Jeremie’s Irons.

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Also, make sure to collect ores from as many mines as you can as you’ll need them to restock your blacksmith. Use offerings to give you a chance of getting double ores as well,

Running Your First Blacksmith


1. Collect/purchase ores. Store ores in the shop inventory.

2. Hire and schedule employees, increase hours as inventory increases.

3. Spend points for perks that translate across all owned blacksmiths.

Here are a few things to know to make your blacksmith run successfully:

  • Collect or purchase ores to restock the inventory, otherwise you won’t make money and your employees can quit on you.
  • Hire employees to run the blacksmith while you are away so the store keeps pulling in profits and REP.
  • Schedule employees tactfully so that it minimizes how much you spend on salary, keeps them full of energy for their shifts, and so that obligations to customer items are made.
  • You’ll gain points for each time your blacksmith levels up that will give you more benefits to your shop, THOSE PERKS APPLY TO ALL BLACKSMITHS YOU OWN! It’s super helpful to know.

Running your first blacksmith:

Collecting ores will be a big thing until you’ve got a lot of money saved up to start purchasing them. You can purchase and store ores in the box behind the counter. If you have employees running the counter and blacksmith, they’ll automatically fill in orders with the inventory available. I wouldn’t worry about purchasing pre-made items until you’ve got a lot of money to spend.

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I’d start your schedule with only a 3-hr block. So essentially, you’ll only have two employees hired. You can also lower their hourly wage by one or two bronze to maximize profits. Whatever orders they don’t complete when they are done, make sure to get them done before the next day. If there are any orders that need to be picked up before your employees shift starts, run the counter until your employees get there.

Once you’ve collected a decent amount of ores, you can start increasing hours for your employees so that you don’t have to be there. I like to alternate between who is working so my employees get a break.

Pay attention to when your blacksmith earns a point. Spend it wisely on the perks you think will benefit you the most!

Purchasing Other Blacksmiths

List of Blacksmiths:

  • Jeremie’s Irons (Candlewych Village)
  • Hammer & Nails (Poppyhill)
  • Peddle to the Metal (Mellowbrook)
  • Solid Metal Gear (Copperpot)

Once you’ve gotten an idea of how running a blacksmith works, re-run this guide for each blacksmith you’ve purchased to get them running smoothly. This will give you more profits and REP! I’ve befriended all employees just for fun and it helps build relationships with people in each of the towns.

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I hope this guide helps!

Written by katieb

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