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Kynseed Prologue Walkthrough Guide

This guide is a day-by-day walkthrough of basic things that happen in the Prologue. All of this information is given to you in-game, I just had a random thought of “What if my mom was reading this?” and then decided to go ahead and compile everything.

Kynseed Prologue Walkthrough Guide

The First Night
You’ll wake up on an icy road, with no way to go but up. At the end of the road, is an ominously floating seed. The Kynseed. When you interact with it, the seed promptly roots itself into your soul, and a mysterious figure asks you if you fear the dark side. The figure tells you to wake up, and after being devoured by not-at-all creepy looking vine hands, you’ll wake up to…

Day Two
Uncle Bill will ask you to go buy a tin bucket from the shop in the village, and will provide money for it. You can find the shop here. The shop also has a selling function in the back to the right of the counter.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

On your way to the village, you might run into a Druida statue. These statues provide an offering function used to boost stats, and a quick-travel function that costs regular apples and only works if you’ve found a statue to travel too.Offering can only be done on Druida day, and works like a scale. You put something desirable to one goddess in her bowl, the goddess’s next to her will be upset and give you disadvantages. If its undesirable to the goddess, the goddess’s around will give you advantages. It is possible to satisfy every goddess, but you’ll receive neither disadvantages or advantages. You can see at the bottom of the offering menu two tabs for desirable times and undesirable.

You’ll also receive your first letter from Twig, the guy who lives in Dreamers Nook, the area right above Willowdown Farm. He’ll invite you for a visit and give you a fishing rod and unlock the fishing skill.

Day Three
Today is market day. Uncle Bill will send you to the market to buy seeds, and provides three coins. If you’ve built up other coins by completing tasks or selling items to the store, you can also use that money to buy more. Festival Green, the marketplace, is located directly south of the town square. In the bottom right of Festival Green, you’ll also find a man standing next to a field. Talking to him activates a minigame costing one brass to play. To win it, you want to aim exclusively for the green circles; they give you an extra ball if you land in the middle. There are three prizes. You’ll also notice a Wozzyit hovering over an empty stall. This stall is one you can use at the price of 2 brass per hour to sell items.

Day Four
Uncle Bill asks you to use the tin bucket you bought and bring milk to Mother Hubbard. To pick up liquids using the bucket, you stand next to the source and hold right click. Bottles perform the same function. Liquids collected in bottles and in buckets can be given as gifts, without losing the bottle or bucket. You can put things in your hotbar slots by finding them in your inventory and dragging it to the slot you want. To get to her house, go left from Candlewych until you reach Candlewych Cottage, and then go up. Talking to her will unlock the cooking skill, and talking to her again will give her the milk.

Day Five
This day is headed by the need to buy a tin sickle from the Blacksmiths shop, located directly north from the Candlewych town square. Before you head out, pick up the lantern sitting on the table in your house, if you haven’t already. If you go there too early, they might not be open, but if you can find the character you need to talk to, Jeremie Smith, you can still get the information and key needed to forge your own sickle. The mine is even more north and little to the left, surrounded by a wooden gate. When you go in, you can right click on the lantern to light it. You don’t need to hold the lantern to keep the light on, and the light will follow your cursor. Once you’ve collected tin ore from the mine, you can go talk to Jeremie and start the Blacksmithing minigame at the forge.

Day Six
Today’s task is to head down to the Festival Green and witness a pig auction, and if you’ve made enough money, buy one! The auction starts at noon, and can be found to the left in Festival Green. You can also chat with your sibling to play a game of Cluck, Oink, Baa, or rock paper scissors. I lost.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

There is also a task to see the noticeboard outside the shop. Every village has one somewhere.

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

This is the place for people to ask other people (meaning you) to get things for them in exchange for money or friendship, whichever they’d rather part with. There are four types of requests for you to take. You’ll also notice events posted here. If you click on the event, you can add it to your calendar, and will then be able to see when the event is for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Types of requests:

Big Request. Asks for a lot of stuff, and usually will have money as a reward.

I lost something. (NPC) lost something somewhere, and if you take the request, you can go find it for them. It will have the picture of the item the NPC is looking for underneath the text. It is really hard to find the items, so I typically just ignore them.

Item Wanted. These ones are the simplest to follow. (NPC) wants you to gift them something. Notice the word ‘gift’. When you take these requests, once you have the item, you go up to the NPC who requested it, then open up their action menu and click the up option, a big green gift box. If they’re actively selling something, you’ll have to talk to them by pressing the left option in the action menu, then choosing the gift option after greeting them.

Too busy to cook. These requests usually have some type of image underneath the text, and will ask the player to deliver something to them between certain times. They might detail exactly what kind of meal they want in the request, or might just say to give them something cooked and farm grown.

Farming help. Go water someones farm for them.

Day Seven
Druida day! Time to learn about offering from Uncle Bill at the Festival Green.

Day Eight
To cure Uncle Bills illness, you need to talk to the apothecary and gather some cuckoo dew. You can find it all the way to left on the lowest level in Candlewych Cottage. Take it back, get your medicine, and then give it to Uncle Bill through the gift option.

Day Nine
Deliver milk to Pappy Cowe, Hazel Nutt, and Worzel Scrumpy, located in Cowpat Farm, Cuckoo Wood, and Testy Acres respectively.

Day Ten
Meet Lucy Arrows at the stonehenge next to her house in North Gate at 6 pm, create a custom task after talking to Uncle Bill, and deliver honey to Jacob at the Burial Grounds.

Day Eleven
On the 11th day of the Prologue, Ash Brown sends you a letter reading,

A Long List of Tips and Other Information, A Kynseed Guide

Once you get to Cuckoo Wood, you can find him standing along the pathway. Once you approach, you’ll automatically get put into his dialogue string. He tells you he wants to catch a Silver Skipper, and gives you a jar. If you go right from there and keep going right, you’ll come across the tree he tells you about. After you’ve thrown a pear past the tree and into the water a silver butterfly will come flying out of the woods and you can catch it by holding right click with the jar in hand next to it. You can retrieve the pear after. If you go find Ash, he tells you about a Master of Naturalism in Pinehaven.

Day Twelve
Letter from Twig explaining the meeting with his friend.

Day Thirteen
Your sibling has gone to the North Gate for some reason and told you to come find them. They are standing at the actual gate itself at the top of the map.

Day Fourteen
A day of celebration.

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