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Kynseed v1.0 Useful General Tips

This is a list of general tips that I think are less known, and may benefit you in your playthrough.

Kynseed v1.0 Useful General Tips

Here are some tips that I’ve learned that you may not know of? I hope it helps some people. There is not much information out for this game yet due to how new it is.

Also beware spoilers.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am <3

General tips

I’ll add to the list more tips as I come by them. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, and share your own tips as well.

  • It seems you can gift someone twice on their birthday and benefit from the friendship bonus both times due to the nature of 6am reset. Feel free to camp outside their house as the day passes.
  • You can use your fishing rod to reel in items. This applies to items that are bugged out of reach once you dig them up with your shovel, or items that you throw into pools of water for quests.
  • Mr. Fairweather refreshes his items at the end of the year. Mrs. Foster does too.
  • Don’t bother offering on the 14th of winter. Your end of year taxes will make your goddess boons and curses disappear.
  • Certain friendship tasks ask you to complete the same goal, so it’s easier to grab them and finish them all at once.
    • Both Rock Salt and Mo Lawn tasks you with buying a business. Rock Salt gives you 750 brass for this. Mo Lawn does not.
    • Both Edward Teapott and Edna Teapott ask you to upset the Kettles.
    • Both Holly Kettle and Ignatius Kettle ask you to upset the Teapotts.
    • Both Papa Russ Ebers and Edward Wood ask you to kill a Night Hag in Toughwood.
  • Unlocked perks are shared between all same types of business. Buying a second general store will come with all your unlocked perks.
  • Perk points seem to be shared between different types and individual businesses. You can “funnel” a main store for perk points if you’d like.
  • Gifting villagers past their three hearts has a chance of them giving you a digit to their personal golden chest (if they have one).
    • You can save scum for this if you wish. Roll up to their house at 5am and wait until autosave. Then you can reroll the day to gift until you get a digit.
    • <MIGHT NOT BE TRUE> Some golden chests give one full level-up of your current tool skill (in my experience so far, one for slingshot and one for sickle). This means that it is technically more profitable to wait until later before opening it when your tool takes more exp to level up. However, it’s too fun to gamble for other rewards.
  • Pies are crazy. They are pretty easy to make, and a perfect pie minigame gives +3 quality. That means you can use 2 star quality items and make a 5 star pie.
  • Stars do not affect weapon damage.
  • Golden chest rewards might be randomized from a pre-determined pool.
  • Dank moss is currently bugged, and you can’t collect past one star quality. You can send your kids on expeditions for higher quality moss.
Written by wrxryuu

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