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La-Mulana 2 – Getting the Feather Early On

I’ve found a way to get the feather way more early in my following playthroughs, and doesn’t require that you have too much progress in the game yet.

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The method I’m going to use probably isn’t intended by the dev, but in games like this where the dev feels free to ♥♥♥♥ you every chance he gets, I’d consider it fair to evade his design choices just this once.

Required items/skills to continue

Required to be able to continue:

  • Must have reached Valhalla area – Reachable from a door at the leftmost top of the Divine Fortress, right below the 2 engineers, Eitri and something something
  • Must have the Beherit item
  • Must have the Grapple-walls ability
  • Higher Health is a plus, but if you’re careful you shouldn’t need to waste much health.

These are the only three things you absolutely need to be able to do this, and once you reached Valhalla, the skill and item shouldn’t be that for off to collect.

Getting to the feather

To get to the Feather (Double-jump ability) you’ll need to traverse a part of Valhalla, and cross the corridor of blood, which is located here.

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This is something I only just found out after 16 hours of play, and I reckon some of you still don’t.

You’ll realize that if you go in the corridor of blood, you’ll be forced to go to the left into an area connected to the Shrine Of Frost Giants (kinda ashamed to admit I only tried this hours later after I got stuck somewhere else and just happened upon this)

You can use the Beherit item on the door of the Corridor Of Blood to change the layout. Starting in front of the Corridor door in Valhalla, keep using Beherit until the needle is pointing slightly tilted downwards to the right as in the picture. Now enter, keep going right untill you enter the door, and now you find yourself in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum.

From here on fall 2 chambers down, go 1 to the left and place the Weight to open the door, and drop down. In this room, you need to take the leftmost stairs up, keep going left and now you’re in the room with a chest.

Acquiring The Feather

The correct way to clear this room probably involves as read on the tablet, something that can harness the Power Of Storms. 16 hours in, and I know where it is, but no idea how to get it yet.

  • Clear out the 2 big floating enemies first, they’re just an annoyance.
  • To get the chest to open, smash the tablet on the right until it breaks and voila, an open, but unreachable chest.
  • Trigger the floating enemy orbs so they fly around the room, but don’t kill them. If 4 is too chaotic for you, keep 2 of them alive.
  • The trick to reaching on top of the platform is to hook yourself on the edge of the platform by jumping on top of the vase. Right before one of those floating orbs is close and going to hit you, jump right into it, and with some luck you’ll be punched back right on top of the platform!
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Now you’re in reach of the chest, and in possession of a pair of shiny new feathers. Happy treasure hunting!

Written by Sven++

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