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Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk – A summary of the puppet natures

Here is a list i wrote up about the changes the natures do to the stats.


  • Brave ~ STR++, AGI+, CHM-
  • Hotblooded ~ STR++, CON+
  • Pure ~ CON-, AGI+, DEX++
  • Childlike ~ DMP+, AGI-, CHM++
  • Wise ~ DP+, DMP++, DEX-
  • Nihilistic ~ STR-, AGI+
  • Reckless ~ HP-, STR++, CON+
  • Stickler ~ DP-, DMP++, DEX+
  • Zealous ~ DMP-, AGI++, CHM+
  • Pouty ~ DP++, CON+
  • Stubborn ~ HP+, CON++, AGI-
  • Fickle ~ HP-, DP++
  • Cheerful ~ STR-, CHM+
  • Happy ~ CON++, DMP-, DEX+
  • Passionate ~ STR+, DEX-, CHM++
  • Optimistic ~ CON-, AGI++, CHM-
  • Arrogant ~ HP++, DP-, STR+
  • Determined ~ HP-, DMP+, CHM++
  • Selfish ~ CON++, AGI-, DEX+
  • Earnest ~ HP+, DP-, DMP++
  • Precise ~ STR-, DEX++
  • Kind ~ HP++, DP+
  • Neurotic ~ HP++, STR+, CHM-
  • Reliable ~ HP+, CON++, DEX-
  • Loner ~ CON-, DMP+, AGI++
  • Gloomy ~ DP+, DMP-, DEX++
  • Rational ~ HP-, AGI++
  • Egotistical ~ DP+, STR++
  • Mischievous ~ HP+, DP-, DEX++, CHM-
  • Perverted ~ CHM SUPER+ (100%)
  • Average ~ Changes nothing
  • Lucky ~ Cuts STR, CON, DMP, AGI, DEX and CHM in half. Presumably makes Luck skyrocket.


I tested this all out on a Aster Knight which has 100% in everything.

Each – or + is 5%. It varies depending on if the puppet class already has above or below 100%. For example, Theatical Star has 125% in AGI, if we use AGI+ to that it becomes 131% and AGI++ becomes 137%. Where as if we take 75% in HP and use HP- it only becomes 71% or if we use HP+ it only becomes 78%. If you use perverted nature on Theatical Star which has 125% in CHM it becomes 250%. So its not 5 flat amount, its 5% of whatever the base number is.

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Does that make any sense? I’m not good at putting my thoughts into writing.

Also you may see some natures that you cant pick when making a puppet thats because to get them as a book you use use on your puppet which you can buy at the shop or are unlocked by a petition a bit later in the game. That being said there might be more that i have not seen yet (post game stuff?)

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