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Laika: Aged Through Blood Achievement Guide

Laika: Aged Through Blood Achievement Guide

This guide provides some tips on getting all of the achievements.

This guide is work in progress, but I wanted to share some of the things I learned going for all achievements. Let me know if anything is incorrect or you have additional details to add in the comments below!

Generic Achievements

Cover 50km.
Cover 200km.
Cover 500km.

Kill 100 Enemies.
Kill 500 Enemies.
Kill 1000 Enemies.

You probably won’t have trouble getting these while completing the game.

Die 100 times.
Die 500 times.
Die 1000 times.

Once you’ve done everything else, just stand at a savepoint and tilt over repeatedly. It took about 5s per death for me, which means that you can get 300 deaths in about 25min. Do something else while this is going on.

Boss Achievements

Kill A Hundred Hungry Beaks.
Kill A Long Lost Woodcrawler.
Kill A Caterpillar Made of Sadness.
Kill a Gargantuan Swimcrab.
Kill Pope Melva VIII.
Kill the Two-Beak God.

You will unlock all of these by finishing the game, they are required for story progression.

Combos, Blackjack, and Cooking

Achieve a x6 combo.
Achieve a x12 combo.
Achieve a x16 combo.

There is an all-purpose farming spot in Where Chaos Plots, that will provide you with lots of money and combo-potential. However, getting there requires the dash ability. Where Chaos Plots is the cave where the Hectist gives you the hook ability. It’s located in the northeast of Where Iron Caresses the Sky. Go all the way to the bottom right of the cave, and dash up a ledge.

Note that the bird who guards it will not shoot you. Behind it is a convenient savepoint and a small room with 11 enemies inside. They won’t shoot you either, even if you open fire. Note that combos in this game are basically a counter of how many shots have hit enemies before you touch the ground again. Missing a shot seems to give a penalty, but doesn’t reset the counter entirely.

IMPORTANT: Shooting dead enemies’ bodies while they still have the red outline also counts towards combos!

Play blackjack for the first time.
Play blackjack 10 times.
Play blackjack 50 times.
Win 1000 viscera playing blackjack.

These are straightforward. If you really want to avoid playing actively, farm viscera first, then spam high bets for Winner and a few extra games for Ludopath. Note that you don’t need a net win of 1000, so if you loose more viscera than you win, you’ll still get the achievement.

Cook 10 times.
Cook 50 times.
Discover all the recipes.

Keep shooting vending machines while you’re out on the road. You can also buy ingredients from the gas stations, or Maniu in Where We Live. Maniu’s stock seems to refill daily.

Note that there are 4 types of ingredients (Filler, Flavour Bomb, Vending Juice, Military Supply). Every dish consists of 3 ingredients and any ingredient may be used multiple times. There are 4 dishes containing only a single ingredient type, 4 dishes with 3 different ingredient types, and 6 dishes with exactly 2 types. For the 2-type recipes, it does not matter which type you double.

Generally, which particular ingredient you choose of a given type is also irrelevant, with the exception of the first three entries in the cookbook:

Extra Spicy Taco: Ghost Pepper, Canned Corn, Blood Beans
Carajillo: Coffee Can x2, Mini-Whiskey
Sardines al Ajillo: Oily Sardines, Lemon, Red Garlic

See also Bohun’s Community Post which has all recipes with pictures.


Maya’s hunt for the pendant

Remember when Puppy arrived.
Remember your first shot.
Remember when Ava left.

These correspond to the quests chain Where We Used to live, Target practice, and Ava. They are located in the northern part of Where All Was Lost (Go up from Where Doom Fell, then head right along a long straight path).

Other sidequests

Reunite the Wastelanders.

There are 6 subquests to this, corresponding to the members of the band, Kai, Fogg, Rollo, Gusto, Han, Fernidu. You’ll need to find Guitarstrings, Drumsticks, Sheet music, a flute brush, an Erhu string, and medicine for the singer. Most of these can be bought from the traveling merchant, the guitar strings are directly at the gas station east of Kai, I think the drumsticks are somewhere within the area Fogg is in.

Take down all the memorial statues.

These can be seen on the map. There are 5 in total. Locations: The Hectist should be in a location if you haven’t destroyed the statue there, making some comment about his notes. The following are the locations of the statues themselves.

  • At the transition between the dark blue and purple sections of Where the Waves Die, right below the connection to Where our Bikes Growl, go all the way to the west.
  • Where the Waves Die, northeast heading into Where Doom Fell.
  • Where Doom Fell, central below the teleporter.
  • Where Iron Caresses the Sky, just East of the teleporter.
  • Where All Was Lost, far east, and north. Note that you can come here from below only after you have received the dash.

Reveal the full map.

Simply make sure to find the wanker in each region. The one that is initially called Where we Spy on them does not have a map, even in its later state.

Give Puppy all the treats.
Find all the cassette tapes.

Be vigilant and collect them from around the world, as well as from shops. Note that each gas station sells a different tape.

Weapons and Upgrades

Obtain all weapons.

Each weapon (apart from the Revolver and Crossbow) requires a blueprint and one special/unique ingredient.

  • Shotgun: Blueprint: Given by Maya, Rusty Spring: ???
  • Crossbow: always craftable, no special material
  • Sniper Rifle: Blueprint: Where All Was Lost, on the stacked platforms above Where Rust Weaves, Material ???
  • Machine Gun: Blueprint: Where Our Ancestors Rest (come down the left side, at the end of a cave system, next to a savepoint), Material ???
  • Rocket Launcher (needs dash): Blueprint: right of Where We Live, Missile: Where the Waves Die, on the top right platform in the central cave.

Upgrade the Revolver to the highest level.
Upgrade the Shotgun to the highest level.
Upgrade the Crossbow to the highest level.
Upgrade the Sniper Rifle to the highest level.
Upgrade the Machine Gun to the highest level.
Upgrade the Rocket Launcher to the highest level.

Upgrade materials are separated by area. For example, bones are very common in Where Rock Bleeds, but don’t appear elsewhere.

Craft all the weapon holsters.
Craft all the viscera sacks.

No need for blueprints here.

Written by Benni

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