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Lakeburg Legacies 8 Beginner Tips & Tricks

Are you a new player and a little confused about getting started with Lakeburg Legacies? If so, here are 8 tips, to help you crown your regent in no time!

Lakeburg Legacies 8 Beginner Tips & Tricks

We just haven’t been able to stop playing Lakeburg Legacies since we got access to it. And honestly, there’s a lot of things we wish we had known when we first started playing.

Luckily, we’ve learned from our mistakes and have a host of tips and tricks we want to share with you to make your Lakeburg life a little easier.

If you don’t want to read this guide and want to watch it instead, we also have a video version:

#1 Use the Barter System

The barter system is a really important method for growing your pool of money. And you’ll absolutely want that! Sometimes they’ll ask for more than you can give. But any time you can barter for wood you want to go for it – and it’s not as rare as you’d think! In my experience, they only ask for things you can actually acquire – so it’s likely you’ll be able to do the trade.

And it does change every few months or so, so there are plenty of chances to increase your coin hoard. And if you can’t be bothered to wait, just call the llama!

#2 Likes and Dislikes

This one might be self-explanatory but trust me, it’s still worth knowing! Each villager has their own likes and dislikes that will correspond to the likes and dislikes of their potential matches… In good and bad ways. And it’s absolutely worth paying attention to them!

You can match bad couples, the game does allow for this. But these villagers aren’t as happy and thus aren’t as productive. So going for the best matches you can and having the best dates you can will really help kick-start your kingdom!

If you’re like me and have an absolutely horrific memory… then I recommend keeping a pen and paper or the notes app on your phone nearby. It really helps!

#3 Similar Jobs

There’ll be times when you’ll be searching for the perfect person to fit that shiny new job you have. And sometimes, they’re too stubborn and just don’t appear or you’ll find a perfect match for your villager and they’re not quite perfect for your open job slots. In these cases, you might need to settle.

But, it’s not all bad news. Because certain jobs will have the same star levels. Because it takes into account the skills of the villager too! Which you should always check before you recruit them.

For instance, a job that requires strength, such as lumberjack or miner, really only needs your villager to have a good strength stat. If they’re interested in the job, that’s a bonus. But in a pinch, they’ll do a great job!

#4 Worker Slots

Don’t be afraid to put off building your next building, in favour of adding more worker slots to a previous one. I like to add another worker to my lumberjack’s lodge as soon as possible, for instance.

The game will make it very clear when you should be investing in a new building – you’ll be able to see looming red borders around your resources at the top if you need more of them. Until you see these, it’s fair to upgrade the ones you know you will need. Plus, that way you’ll have plenty spare to barter with…

#5 Challenge Buildings

Be prepared for the challenge buildings! After 15 people, you’ll unlock the first of these: the Rodents Nest. And it can be quite tricky to deal with if you’re not in a good situation to deal with it.

So, you’re going to want to either have a spot open for a villager to join via marriage, have enough money to purchase a villager, or be very aware of the secondary jobs of your villagers. For the Rodents Nest, for example, you’ll need a Rat Trainer. And the better the Rat Trainer, the more likely you won’t see any negative effects from it.

After the first challenge building unlocks, every ten or so people, you’ll unlock another challenge building. They all have unique effects on the villagers, from health to faith, and even their love. Trust me, when I unlocked the Pleasure House, it was not a pretty sight.

I won’t spoil all the buildings for you, because they’re really fun to experience. But, if you want more info on how to deal with them, check out this dev journal 👇


#6 Builder Tickets

Builder Tickets can be an absolute game changer, especially if you’re not making a ton of resources in some buildings.

Once you’ve built the Workshop, you’ll be able to acquire builder tickets. These tickets will allow you to decrease the price of constructing new buildings, buying new workers slots in pre-existing buildings or the cost of upgrades for your buildings.

So, even though there’s an upfront cost of building the initial building, it can be really beneficial further down the line!

#7 Mentors

Happy couples will birth happy children, who really want to start working in your community. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to do that until they come of age. Luckily, though, you are able to take them under your wing before that.

Children will have their own job skills and proficiencies, but you can build on these through the mentorship system.

Each worker slot in a building has a mentor slot open, where you’ll be able to place your children and help them grow. Sadly, they won’t provide resources for you at that age, but you will be able to up their skills, so when they do get a job, their output should be much higher

#8 Resources

The resource overview menu on the top left is a fantastic tool for seeing what you’re producing a lot of and what you may need to look into.

Of course, the top bar has a basic insight into this, but you can bring up the larger menu to have a more broad idea of your full resource capabilities.

Also, make sure you upgrade your storage when you’re able! I usually prioritize wood at the beginning of the game, because everything requires wood. But that means that my storage gets pretty full… almost begging me to upgrade. So, remember you can spend your money here too. And it’s absolutely worth it.


There’s so much more we could talk about regarding this game, but these are the tricks that helped us the most when we first started playing! If you have any questions, drop them below in the comments and we’ll do our best to help.

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