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Lamplight City Walkthrough and All Achievements

List of achievements in Lamplight City with some notes on how to achieve them.


  • Ring My Bell – You’re so annoying [continue ringing bell in flower shop]
  • Man Of Your Word – Kept your promise to Mrs. Hanbrook [put hanging flowers back]

Case 1

  • What Can You Tell Me About…Voodoo? Got kicked out of Sabine Martin’s apartment [looked behind curtain and then asked her about it]
  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Read Madame DuPrée’s poems [read poety book on her desk in DuPrée Manor]
  • I’m Bobbin, Are You My Mother? – Played a familiar melody [played C’FGC on harpsichord in DuPrée Manor]
  • Occam’s Razor – Accused Albert Martin of Madame DuPrée’s attempted murder
  • These Violent Delights… – Accused Juliette Montgomery of Madame DuPrée’s attempted murder
  • He’s Your Guy – Accused Guy Dumas of Madame DuPrée’s attempted murder
  • Devil Incarnate – Revealed Madame DuPrée’s true nature [Acquitted Guy Dumas]

Case 2

  • Not What It Looks Like – Learned about Mrs. Davis’s hobby [ask Mrs. Davis about chest]
  • Egotistical – Spoke with Roland Deveraux [Speak to Mrs. Harris about note from her room when Mr. Harris leaves the room when asked about betting stubs]
  • A Kind Ear – Told Angela Maxwell about your problems
  • Repairman – Fixed the boiler without any help [open fire box, light fire, open flue, turn large valve to right, open two smaller valves, start]
  • Don’t Bet On It – Accused Malcolm Harris of kidnapping his own son
  • Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much – Accused Arthur Devins of kidnapping the Harris baby
  • It’s A Boy, Mrs. Walker, It’s A Boy – Accused Linda Walker of kidnapping the Harris baby
  • Wrong Side Of The Tracks – Successfully located Linda Walker [found train tickets in Linda’s apt]

Case 3

  • Broadening Horizons – Gave Charlotte Robineaux a music lesson [As Adelaide, talk about music during haircut]
  • Total Ash-hole – Showed Desiree’s ashes to someone who wasn’t Dr. Edwards [show to Usher’s receptionist]
  • Bless You – Tricked Jonas Usher [pretend to be sick to get DeVay’s address]
  • Supernatural – Concluded that Desiree Lathan’s death was due to spontaneous human combustion
  • Totally Nuts – Accused Margaret Andrews of murdering Desiree Lathan
  • The Art Of Murder – Accused Roger DeVay of murdering Desiree Lathan

*Storyteller – Told Patrick a story [occurs between Case 3 and 4, tell the story to bartender from discussions you’ve had with Adelaide earlier]

Case 4

  • Civic Duty – You voted! [self-explanatory]
  • Flew The Coop – Discovered the truth about the cooping scheme [speak to Presser in Gaol]
  • Jilted Lover – Accused Jimbo of murdering Ronan L’Espaye
  • Mistaken Identity – Accused Tom Puffin of murdering Ronan L’Espaye

*Model Husband – Told Adelaide the truth [tell her about Bill between Case 4 and 5]

Case 5

  • Down Among The Dead Men – Sang a popular drinking song [got the old man in Slient Raven to sing]
  • Do Not Pass Go – Ended up in jail [chose wrong Reddite to visit]
  • Getting The Jump – Confronted the Justice Killer in his own home [self-explanatory]


Inside Joke – Every friendship has one [chose the “YOUR GRAVE’S ON FIRE” option at Bill’s grave in epilogue after making same joke during prologue]

Dead End – Declared a case unsolvable [can do so in Case 1 by angering Juliette and Amelie] or [Case 2 by not talking to Mr Harris about betting slips and calling Walker insane]
or [Case 3 by showing Ashes to Usher’s receptionist and having Adelaine question Charlotte too early] or [Case 4 by getting kicked out of Ned’s and Mrs. Presser’s and then not asking Jimbo about Ronan]

Room With A View – Checked yourself into Riverview Asylum [declare two cases unsolveable, will occur following the resolution of the fourth case]

Nosy – Eavesdropped on every conversation [must listen to six in coffee house in case 1, six more in case 2, 1 in case 5 and three conversations in Silent Raven in case 5]

Bookworm – Read every book in the game [self-explanatory]

Perfect Run – Correctly solved every case [aquitted Guy Dumas in Case 1, accused Linda Walker and found her tickets in Case 2, accused Roger DeVay in case 3, accused Tom Puffin in case 4 and solved the Justice Killer murders]

Enlightened – Completed the game [achieved bad or good ending]

I Forgot It Was There – Played through the entire game without opening the casebook [must complete the first four without opening casebook, then immediately fail case 5 at Upton’s apt]

Thorough – Found every single clue and document in the game:

  • PROLOGUE: 5 Clues / 0 Documents
  • CASE 1: 8 Clues / 7 Documents
  • CASE 2: 10 Clues / 4 Documents
  • CASE 3: 6 Clues / 6 Documents
  • CASE 4: 8 Clues / 7 Documents
  • CASE 5: 9 Clues / 12 Documents

True Detective – Got every achievement in the game.

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