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Layers of Fear 2: All Achievements Guide

Layers of Fear 2 is a first-person psychological horror game with an emphasis on exploration and story. Players control a Hollywood actor who heeds the call of an enigmatic director to take on the lead role in a film shot aboard an ocean liner. Beware, for all may not truly be what it seems.

Layers of Fear 2: Achievements

Complete guide for getting all achievements in game.


These achievements you will get after the first playthrough:

Lights, Camera, Action!
Repair, Restore, Rebuild

Next achievements you can get by making different decisions in every Act.

If you want to get both achievements you should go to main menu after getting one of them and reload from last checkpoint.

ACT #1

Hit Your Mark
Follow the Director’s instucrions.

Shoot mannequin to your right.

Go Off Script
Ignore Director’s instructions.

Shoot mannequin to your left.

ACT #2

Trust Your Instincts
Follow the Director’s instucrions.

Take the food away from dog.

Show Restraint
Ignore Director’s instructions.

Surrender to the dog.

ACT #3

Find Your Inner Voice
Follow the Director’s instucrions.

Shoot the toys.

Let Go of Your Fear
Ignore Director’s instructions.

Shoot the girl.

ACT #4

Go With the Flow
Follow the Director’s instucrions.

Follow the tide (turn around and go)

Go Against the Grain
Ignore Director’s instructions.

Go against the tide (forward)


For different endings in the game, you can get three achievements and one for watching all endings.

Rule of Three
Witness all three endings.

Obey Director three times out of four.

Ignore Director’s instructions three times out of four.

Obey Director twice and ignore his instructions twice.

Common achievements

Choice and Concequence
Look behind the mysterious door. In your cabin you can find a door (on the first floor) labeled “Recording.” At any moment you can open it and achievement will pop.

The Perfect Storm
Send out SOS. You can get this achievement in Act 1 or Act 5. SOS: three short signals, three long signals, three short signals. If you’re stuck, watch this video.

In One Take
In the middle of the Act 1, you will be taken to the set, where you will need to turn on the light using a switch on the wall. Your task is to run through this place, without being hit by the light. Don’t hurry!

A Beautiful Mind
Act 2. In the middle of act you will get to the workshop where several mannequins work. To your right will be a clock with a riddle, to the left, below, also a clock (with gears) that you need to put in place. After completing this task, go back to the clock on the right. Your task: stop the hand on the numbers so that the numbers next to the clock become equal. Solution: 8 — 7, 9, 10 — 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

We Don’t Talk About It
Destroy something beautiful. The end of the Act 2. You’ll turn on the TV and the chase begins. Open the door and move on along the bridge between the buildings. Open the door, but don’t rush to open the next, you’ll finish the Act. You need to go in the door on the right and jump down. There, behind the curtain, you will find the handle of the detonator. Interact with it.

Rocket Science
Act 3. You need to assemble a rocket and then fly through the open space. Your task is not to hit any object flying at you. The rocket is controlled by the A and D keys, the rocket has only three positions, so try to stay centered.
Important note: sometimes a rocket can stagger, but only direct collisions are counted. If you could not complete the achievement, it is better to go to the main menu immediately after the collision and reload from the checkpoint.

Closed Casket
Middle of the Act 4. You will reach the gate, which opens with a lever on the wall to your left. After interacting with it, immediately run forward as the chase begins. You’ll find coffin and your task is to close it.

Se7en Seas
Save all lost souls. The end of the Act 4. You will be in a bright room with a table and lots of plates. Crouch and move through the rift in the wall. Next you find yourself in a cave. Your task is to go into each of the five available rooms and save five rats in cages by solving puzzles.


Be careful, because some items can be collected only in NG +.

During the first playthrough, you can collect all photo slides, all audio recordings and all movie posters. At the very beginning of NG+ you can get the last spyglass item. At the near end of NG+ you can get the last mysterious item.

Find your first movie poster

Body of Work
Find all movie posters (15 items)

A Slice of Life
Find your first photo slide

A Mosaic of Misery
View all photo slides in your cabin (11 items)

Sound Bite
Find your first audio and listen it

Full Scoop
Listen to all interviews (6 items)

Spot something through the spyglass

Fisher King
Spot everything through the spyglass (6 items)
Important note: the last one item you can get by watching the skyline for 42 seconds on NG+

We Are Not Alone
Collect all 5 mysterious items.

You Can’t Handle the Truth
Solve the puzzle. To do this, you need to gather all mysterious items in your cabin (you can get them all only in NG+). To solve puzzle, connect seashell with the first item to the right from note in the middle.

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