Leaf Blower Revolution: How to Get All the Unique Leaves

Leaf Blower Revolution How to Get All the Unique Leaves

Details on how to get all the Unique Leaves.

How to Get All the Unique Leaves

  • Crystal Leaf: +2 daily reward gemsFrom Science Bastard Professor Gorb
    Use Hands in Neighbors Yard
    Requires 1 c Platinum Leaves
  • Fire Leaf: ALB Enemy Damage increased by 800%
    Use the Lazer in the VOID
    Requires 1 C VOID Leaves
  • Ghost Leaf: BLC Value Increased by 500%
    Use the Blowfish in Space
    Requires 1 d Cosmic Leaves
  • Glitter Leaf: Increases Combo Rewards by 300%
    Use any rake on the mountain
    Requires 1 D Bismuth Leaves
  • Heart Leaf: increase all fruit reward by 1000% – From Science Bastard Professor Gorb
    Use Basic Leaf Blower in your Own Garden
    Requires 100 e Basic Leaves (the base green ones)
  • Rainbow Leaf: Increases seed reward by 0.5%
    Use the Rocket Engine in the Celestial Plane
    Requires 100 k Celestial Leaves
  • Robot Leaf: Increases Printer Output by 5000% – From IamBadInUsernames
    Use the Graphics Card in the Abyss
    Requires 1 m Exotic Leaves

Important Things To Note

1) The leaf has to be blown off the screen. Just stay behind it and inch slowly, no need to keep going past it to drag it along.

2) You can only equip one Unique Leaf at once. You can keep a leaf equipped at all times.

3) If a relevant leaf is not spawning, teleport away and come back.

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