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Leaf Blower Revolution Starting Guide

Basic Gameplay

You move your mouse around the screen pushing leaves off to the sides until they disappear. That’s it, it really is a simple game.

Like all idle games this one relies on you buying upgrades to be able to get farther into the game, however, the upgrades themselves can be kinda awkward to use as they don’t really live up to expectations.

All you really need to know is what the upgrades do and that’s about it.

What is this stuff?

Tree Upgrade – This spawns a tree that will drop a couple of leaves every second or so. These are pretty important for late game so always try to upgrade them.

  • Fertilizer – Ups the chance of the specific leaf to fall.
  • Coins – Another type of currency that gives you permanent upgrades.
  • Gems – Basically premium currency, don’t bother unless you want to spend 8+ hours and a couple of days to get a single gem upgrade. It’s basically just a cheap reward for donating to the developers.
  • Fruit – Random fruit that drops every so often. Pick them up and you’ll get a good around 150-200 leaves depending on the fruit.
  • Auto Leaf Blower – Basically a roomba that mindlessly walks around pushing leaves willy-nilly. Isn’t worth it until later into the game.

Note: I forgot to mention marketing as they are some of the easiest upgrades to get but always buy one if they are cheaper than your other upgrades. They will raise your leaf price by a few and it can be helpful.

What to start with

The first upgrade you should nab is either the small leaf rake, or a tree upgrade. Either way both of these items are easy to grab and it’ll only take a minute to do so. Now simply just repeat until you can afford a leaf marketing upgrade.

Note: Always buy an upgraded tool whenever available. It’s quick and easy and really just makes things a bit less tedious. Plus the sprite art is pretty nice.

Don’t buy auto leaf blowers since they are basically worthless early game.

Now slowly build up to 10K leaves to buy gold leaves, this is where you can start actually making bank. While it will take you some time to reach gold leaves, you can buy nuclear fuel, fertilizer and tree upgrades every once in a while to speed up the process.

Once reaching 10K leaves you will want to first buy yourself a golden leaf fertilizer upgrade. Keep doing so until you’ve upgraded it a few times. You can also upgrade trees but fertilizer will help give you golden leaves faster.

At the bottom of the upgrades you will also see the ability to purchase gold fruits for 50 leaves. Buy them, fruits are great early game items that will help you snowball.

Keep upgrading until fertilizer and trees cost a couple hundred leaves. Instead save and go for the leaf combo, this is the best way to make some big bucks. Always keep your combos going and get combo multipliers when you can. This will double or triple your output within seconds (and in late game will multiply your output by up to 50 times).

You will want to unlock the leaf portal, which is the usual reset but get special points mechanic of clicker games. When bought it will tell you how many coins you’ll get when used (Remember this will delete all progress but needs to be done at least once to get further into the game).

At minimal you’ll need roughly 100 coins to get to stage 2 but if you want to do everything in 2 runs then you’ll need roughly 500ish coins. It doesn’t matter which number you stop at, I just did 3 runs instead of 2.

Second life?

Great, now that you have at least 100 coins, invest them into the teleporter (the flag icon) that will allow you to go to different areas. Then proceed to buy the neighbors garden, mountain, space, and the void.

Each area unlocks all the leaves which are needed, however you should really spend time in each one since the enemies in the areas get harder and become an annoyance.

For the rest of the coins put them into quality of life as well as fruit upgrades.

Now repeat the process of the previous part until you make decent amount of leaves from both gold and regular. This is where the active gameplay starts to matter.

Go to the neighbors garden, there you will keep everything, the only difference is that enemies will spawn. Enemies will have 2 bars, a blue bar which tells how long the enemy will stay in that spot, and a red bar which tells how much health it has.

How do you attack these enemies? Well you push leaves into them. Let the leaves stack up by having your man be in a corner and when an enemy spawns circle around it pushing all the leaves into it. Whenever they die they drop large amounts of leaves depending on the race and it helps boost leaf production.

Keep doing such while buying trees and fertilizer until golden trees cost around 1K. Then save up for Platinum leaves. The process itself is basically the same as the rest.

Grind for leaves, buy trees, fertilizer, and nuclear fuel, and finally save up 10K of the most expensive leaf for the next one.

Auto Leaf Blowers

Now that you have platinum leaves this is the time to actually buy auto leaf blowers. Platinum leaves allow you to upgrade auto blowers and make them somewhat usable.

Of course don’t invest too heavily into them. Wait until you can afford the next set of leaves before getting heavy into auto leave upgrades. Really they are not that worth it since you mouse does their job just as fast but they can help when it comes to AFK gaming.

Buy ALB speed, ALB battery, and ALB battery charge. ALB blowing power isn’t that high of a priority since they end up costing a lot more to get fully upgraded.

Bismuth leaves will also upgrade auto leaf blowers, but this mostly focuses on damaging enemies rather than collecting leaves. Again it helps if you’re afk or not bothered to spin the mouse to kill enemies, but ALBs are still not worth it if you play actively (although they are somewhat cute).

End game

Now you understand the cycle. Save 10K, buy fertilizer, trees, and fruit, and repeat process until you end up with the void leaf.

This is where you hit the wall of leaf blower revolution, by now you should be gaining at least a million every couple of seconds. You should have almost every upgrade but a few expensive ones and fertilizer. Your tool should be fully upgraded and everything seems fine. Once you’ve hit this wall you should have amassed a couple thousand coins, roughly speaking 50K to 100K.

If you haven’t already then you’ll have to restart but that 50K coin will help a lot with the third run. Make sure to buy converters (and maybe printers but I didn’t need them). Converters will be needed to reach the final upgrades. Once bought, buy their respected upgrades below them. Also buy more leaves for each set of leaves, this will make getting back to your point much easier.

Now just start over and repeat again. Once you’ve reached void leaves you will be asked to buy beakers. There are 5 different types of beakers and they offer pretty much the same thing. To actually get the items you have to go into your converter (B button) and start converting void leaves into red beakers. This process will be repeated for the rest of the beakers.

I suggest only doing one beaker at a time, since converting all beakers will slow things down heavily. Buy all leaves upgrades. and reduce converter resource upgrades. Increase converter and increase converter outputs upgrades both don’t matter as to which one you buy in any order.

Again this will be a somewhat long process and is better to do afk. Now the game does give you an amount of leaves if you exit the game but I’m not sure if it is equal to how much you gain from active play, although my guess is that active play still rewards more leaves.

If you want, go into window and place your mouse in the center of the screen. Tab out of the game and you’ll collect most of the leaves with the roombos grabbing the rest. If you don’t mind your computer to run a game, this is the best afk method. Check every once in a while to buy upgrades.

Keep doing this process until you feel somewhat satisfied, and when you are, simply buy big leaf crunch and end the game. Once ended you do a hard reset and only keep the gems so it really should be done if you just want the final achievement.

That’s it. The end. Congrats, you’ve wasted around 6-10 hours on a free to play clicker game with 30 dollar microtransactions.

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