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Leaf Blower Revolution Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This is an actual guide on some tips for the game.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners


  • You want to save your gems for the upgrade that lets you keep your tools, once I got this upgrade progress sped up a lot.
  • DON’T buy time travel. Time travel is pretty much useless and not needed for progression.
  • Make sure to log-in daily for your gems.

Going Through the Leaf Portal

When you prestige for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of upgrades and may not know what to get with your coins. Here is a list of things I would recommend getting.

  • The first time you prestige you will want to have at least 100 coins.
  • The things you will want to get is: The travel thing (also make sure to buy the neighbors garden to progress further (you can also get mountain if you want)) and try to upgrade each type of leaf once so progression is faster. (Don’t worry about getting printer and converter, you can get those next prestige.
  • If you have leftover coins, you can upgrade leaves or spend them on fruit upgrades.
  • Don’t get auto buyers until you’re at the void, they’re only good late-game.


When you have a ton of void leaves, it is time for the next stage of the game. Before you can get to this point, make sure you have unlocked the converter and upgraded it a bit. Here are some tips that helped me with this stage of the game the most.

  • Don’t try to unlock more flasks. I know this may sound weird but this one thing honestly helped me the most. Try to get a ton of upgrades for that flask before you unlock the next flask. (A general rule of thumb is make sure you aren’t losing flasks before starting the next one. Like for example, before you start making green flasks, make sure you can produce more red flasks than you use. If green flasks cost 1.5k each, make sure you’re producing 1.6k red flasks.)
  • If you need to prestige to progress, do it. Don’t be afraid of losing your progress, you will get back in no time.
  • Don’t try to unlock strange flasks until you have activated big leaf crunch at least once.
  • You are able to gain flasks while afk, so I recommend waiting overnight to gain flasks and then in the morning checking in to see how many flasks you have.

Big Leaf Crunch

Big leaf crunch is currently the last prestige layer. It has the most game changing rewards but are very hard to get. Here are some tips for when you big leaf crunch. I will be referring to big leaf crunch as BLC from now on.

  • When you big leaf crunch, do it right away. It’s not worth it trying to unlock strange flasks to get more BLC coins.
  • The first upgrade you will want to unlock is the Leaf Master upgrade. This gives +400% leaves, which is very good for early-game.
  • When you unlock BLC again, do it right away again.
  • Unlock the converter upgrade, this will speed up late game tremendously.
  • Now when you unlock big leaf crunch, don’t crunch right away. Try to unlock strange flasks, which will allow you to get more BLC coins per crunch. Upgrade BLC coins until you get around 9 or 10.
  • It is crucial to upgrade the converter speed, which helps a ton.
  • One upgrade I unlocked was Prestige+++, which gives you about +200% prestige coins.
  • Also upgrade the amount of BLC coins you get, which allows you to get +1 BLC coins per BLC.
  • At this point you can unlock whatever you want, because you can get back to late game pretty quick at this point.


The combo upgrade is essential to everyone’s play through, multiplying the amount of leaves you get by a certain amount.

  • If you have an active play-style (meaning you prefer to not afk), combo should be one of the main things you upgrade.
  • Even if you are afk, your ALBs (Automatic leaf blowers) will activate your combo.
  • Buy whichever upgrade is cheapest, and don’t buy a ton of combo duration. Past a certain point the combo duration upgrade is ineffective.

ALBs (Automatic leaf blowers)

Automatic leaf blowers (or ALBs for short) are little Roomba-like robots that will rake leaves for you. You can have a total of 18 ALBs at once.

  • ALBs are very effective for AFKing, blowing leaves off screen while you don’t have to do anything.
  • When you unlock platinum leaves, you can upgrade the traits of the ALBs, increasing their speed, charging time, battery, etc.
  • After platinum leaves, most leaves will have upgrades for the ALBs, including speed, being able to hit enemies, leaf blowing power, etc.
  • When you BLC, there is an upgrade that allows your ALBs to hold your tools, thus increasing their effectiveness.
  • In my opinion, ALBs are only useful in early game when you need to afk or are just lazy. When you’re in late game and focused on flasks, ALBs are really only useful for getting void leaves to make red flasks. They are not necessary, so only get them if you want to afk or are just lazy.


AFKing can be very powerful if used correctly, awarding you huge amounts of leaves and flasks.

How to AFK:

  1. Boot up the game
  2. Go to the section you want
  3. Get as many ALBs and ALB upgrades as you can
  4. Leave over night and make sure to keep your PC on
  5. Profit.
  • There are two places where AFKing can be useful, the early game and the end game.
  • In the early game, AFKing is useful because its hard to gain leaves, so when you leave the game on overnight, you will come back and gain tons of leaves.
  • In the end game, AFKing is SUPER useful. Since gaining flasks is all about waiting, if you leave the game on overnight you will come back to huge amounts of flasks.
  • You don’t technically have to have the game on to gain leaves and flasks. When the game is closed, you are still technically gaining resources. I assume that this yields less overall resources than actual AFKing, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you don’t want to leave your computer on overnight or have to do something that requires your computer.
Written by PnknHead

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