Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign Specific Mods

Left 4 Dead 2: Campaign Specific Mods

Do you want your campaign to have a special tank or any replacement, which will only work in your campaign?

Campaign Specific Mods

You have probably played “Bloody moors” which had a Werewolf as a tank. Or some other campaign that has a replacement for a survivor, and wondered how they did it.

If you just pack your content into the same VPK file then you end up with an addon that has a map, but the tank replacement will work like any regular addon and it replaces all tanks for every campaign.

If you follow the stupidly simple steps, your Tank, Nick, Weapon, Sound or whatever replacement will only work on your campaign.


The Magic lies within the addoninfo.txt. A Textfile that is saved in the vpk of your campaign.

Open the addoninfo and paste these lines:

addonContent_Campaign “0” //Has maps connected with a finale
addonContent_Survival “0” //Has Survival Gamemode
addonContent_Scavenge “0” //Has Scavenge Gamemode
addonContent_Versus “0” //Has Versus Gamemode
addonContent_Map “0” //Has standalone map. Example: Only one survival map
addonContent_Survivor “0” //Has survivor model replacement. Can use name to specify. Example: “nick, rochelle”
addonContent_Skin “0” //Has different textures for something.
addonContent_BossInfected “0” //Has Tank or Witch replacement
addonContent_CommonInfected “0” //Has CI Replacement
addonContent_Music “0” //Has music replacement
addonContent_Sound “0” //Has sound replacement
addonContent_Prop “0” //Has prop replacement
addonContent_Prefab “0” //Has Prefab (Probably hammer. Not documented)
addonContent_Spray “0” //Has Sprays (Not documented)
addonContent_Script “0” //Has Custom Scripts (not documented if vscript or other script)
addonContent_BackgroundMovie     “0” //Not Documented, probably main menu background
Content_Weapon “0” //Has new weapon
Content_WeaponModel “0” //Has weapon replacement

For every item that you have replaced, swap the 0 to a 1.
The ones you have not changed can be removed to safe space.

All you have to do now is add a replacement, for example a normal tank or nick mod to the same vpk file as your campaign and enable them in the addoninfo.

Once you are done your addoninfo.txt will look something like this:
Which is a simple map that replaces nick every time you load it.

addonSteamAppID “550”
addontitle “test map”
addonversion “1”
addonauthor “Funreal”
addonauthorSteamID “MrFunreal”
addonDescription “this is a test addon”

“addonContent_Campaign” “1”
“addonContent_Map” “1”
addonContent_Survivor nick


More of this sort of thing:

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