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Legends of Kingdom Rush Legends Tier List (18 in Total)

All legends in this game are obviously strong/useful once you fully max their promotion but I graded this tier list based on all of their 1st – 2nd – 3rd star promotion & stats in mind so take that in consideration before reading my guide/tier list.

Legends of Kingdom Rush Legends Tier List

All Legends Tier list (18 in Total)

Tier Ranking Explained

  • S Tier (Overpowered) – Legends that are always good to have in any party even if they’re only at 1st star or 2nd star promotion
  • A Tier (Above Average) – Legends that are really good in their respectively roles & stats
  • B Tier (Average) – Legends that are pretty decent to use depending on your play style/map
  • C Tier (Below Average) – Legends that have annoying flaws or difficult to play with
  • D Tier (Under-powered) – Legends that you are forced to automatically promote to 2nd star – 3rd star promotion in order to properly use

S – Tier

Oloch – A very strong hero that can AOE stun hordes of enemies, deal magic damage & inflict burns. Oloch also synergizes well with other hero’s epic abilities since he can burn & stun at the same time. (Best example: Ranger’s 1st & 2nd skill epic synergizes well with Oloch AOE stun/burn skill)

Bonus: His 3rd star promotion skills allows him to summon explosive demons or duplicates to help him in battle which is extremely helpful. He is also extremely good in the Wild Moon campaign since he can deal extra burning damage against treefolk enemies.
(‘Magma Eruption’ + ‘Demon Lord’s Call’ FTW)

Orc Cleaver – The main reason why Orc Cleaver is in S tier is solely because of his passive traits & 2nd star promotion skill ‘parry stance’ which is extremely OP & a godlike skill.
Bonus: His 3rd star promotion skill allows him to be unkillable for a few turns which synergizes well with ‘parry stance’.
(‘Parry Stance’ + ‘Undying Rage’ FTW)

Ranger – The reason why Ranger is in S tier is because you can choose not to promote him at all to max out other Legends first & then promote him last afterwards. His starting skills are strong & have epic abilities which synergizes well with other legends. Overall a strong ranged DPS character that is good in any scenario & is compatible with any legend/heroes.
Bonus: Ranger’s 2nd star promotion can summon a wooden dog that is extremely useful to help fend off against melee enemies since the wooden dog has a passive trait that allows it to both dodge & counter 1 melee attack.
(‘Verdant Defender’ + ‘Ricochet’ or ‘Kebab Shot’ FTW)

A – Tier

Arcane Wizard – A very strong legend that deals ranged magic damage from a far. Truthfully this legend was supposed to be ‘S tier’ but I realized that he really sucks at 1 star promotion so you are kinda forced to promote him first to fully utilize him & his 1st skill range attack has sh*t range which is also why he sucks at 1 star but when he does get promoted his 2 star/3 star skills (teleport + death ray = OP combo btw) are amazing which makes him high A – tier in my opinion.

Asra – The reason why I put her in A tier & the rest of the Heroes at B tier is because she is one of the few heroes that doesn’t need a promotion to be decent in a party. Her 1 star promotion 1st & 2nd skill (Onyx Arrows) is really good at completely annihilating close range/melee enemies. Also Asra has decent damage & range in general with amazing passive traits such as (Dodge; Shield of Shadows; Keen Focus) which is why put her so high up in the tier list tbh

Knight – She is probably one the best tanks in the game tbh. The main reason why is because she can stun & give armor to everyone while in combat which last multiple turns. Also she shares a hidden passive ability with ‘dark knight’ in that if you promote her to 2 star/3 star she will regain 3-4 armor instead of the usual 2 which Sir Gerald doesn’t have for some reason? (I tested it in game and realized this fact). The only reason why she isn’t S tier is because her damage kinda sucks & her 3rd star promotion skills is pretty mediocre tbh (I suggest only using her at 1st star & 2nd star promotion and to only promote her last at 3rd star if you have extra exp)

Barbarian – I won’t lie, all of Barbarian skills to 1st star – 3rd star are really good & strong but the main reason why he is at A tier even though he doesn’t have much armor is because of his 2nd star promotion skill (Berserk Ritual) which effectively makes him the best tank versus true/magic damage since he can effectively heal back and tank the hit instead of relying on armor. He is very strong against demons & mages while also dealing high damage himself once he gets near his targets since most of his skills are AOE which is awesome btw. He would be at S tier, the only reason why I didn’t put him there is because you need to practice how to play with him efficiently without the Barbarian dying so you need to be smart & strategic in order to get the most out of him which makes him really hard to use for beginners & amatuer players. (In short he isn’t easy to use like Orc Cleaver with his ‘parry stance’ which is why I put lower in the tier list even though he is technically S tier when you do know how to play with him in my opinion)

Bruxa – I’ll keep it short, she is one the strongest damage dealers in the game and normally she would be S tier in any tier list. The main reason why I didn’t put her in S tier is because she sucks in her 1st star promotion. Her range is short & most of her skills require a set up or full action skill in order to use which makes her a glass cannon in boss fights. Don’t get me wrong I still acknowledge that she is a one the most powerful hero in terms of damage but her range/too many full action skills is my main complaint in using her which is why I sadly ranked her in A tier instead of S tier. (She kinda shares a similar problem with Zapper tbh)

B – Tier

Sir Gerald – Although I ranked Sir Gerald in B tier. He actually has really strong skills & different playstyle compared to other heroes. His main gimmick is “Shield of Retribution” which is by far one of the most OP skills in the game but main weakness of this skill is that it’s one time skill only. If for example an orc archer attacks first the effectiveness of this skill diminishes but if a boss or an Ogre attacks first only then would this skill be OP. Just like with the Barbarian you need to be smart & strategic in order to use Sir Gerald effectively & in some cases he would be A tier or S tier if you do master him since Sir Gerald is really good against bosses & specializes in protecting a specific teammate. (In comparison ‘Knight’ is good at protecting a group of teammates)
Bonus: He technically out performs the ‘Witch Doctor’ since SIr Gerald can both Tank & Heal allies at the same time (I highly recommend to use ‘Avenging Blade + Martyr’s Prayer’ for difficult boss fights like Mór-Ga-Nok for example)

Bravebark – Although a lot of KR youtubers would brand him as the best hero in the game. For me he is pretty mid since he mostly a trapper, AOE & tank type of hero which sounds good but in order to use him properly you would need like a set up or wait for the enemy to charge at you rather than going to them since FYI Bravebark has crap speed, a lot of full action skills & self rooted skills. The reason why this is bad is because he is a melee AOE hero & having crappy speed makes him extremely bad against ranged enemies & ‘hard to position’ well during combat. However, Bravebark does possess powerful skills, decent passive traits & good epics which synergizes well with his lack of speed playstyle which is why I ranked him in B tier.

Reg’son – he is strong in 1 v 1 scenarios since he has high damage & speed but the main issue with Reg’son is his survivability. Just like with the Barbarian & Sir Gerald you need to be smart and strategic in order to play with him efficiently but this is especially the case with Reg’son since he is more likely to die during fights which is why I ranked him in B tier. But even though I ranked him low on this list he is a powerful hero if you do know how to use him. Just don’t use (Blood Veil + Eldritch Fury) since both of these skills are really risky to use. I only recommend getting (Eldritch Focus + Vindicator or Twilight Step) whenever your low hp just use either skills & target high hp opponents with vindicator or target ranged with ‘Vicious Lunge + keen focus’.

Bombardier – she is actually really weak tbh. The only reason why I ranked her in B tier instead C tier is because her ‘Short Fuse’ skill & the decoy bait skill is really good in the Extradimensional Menace boss 1st phase. And in Stormcloud’s Winter she can attack the enemy while also activating combat obstacles at the same time during combat which is quite helpful. She also has an advantage versus treefolk enemies with her ‘Napalm Shower’ which is decent. But even though she has really good synergy with map environments etc. she sadly has terrible stats which is why I ranked her in B tier.
(Oloch, Barbarian & Bravebark kinda overshadows her AOE role as well)

C – Tier

Zapper – I saw someone make a tierlist guide in steam and that person ranked Zapper in S tier? Which I honestly find odd. The main problem with Zapper is that he has a lot of full action skills, poor AOE damage & sh*t passive traits. The only skills I recommend using to him is (Thunderstrike + Magnetic Trap) & to fully max him out first. Otherwise he is pretty bad in 1st star & 2nd star. The ‘Magnetic Trap’ skill is the only reason why I could find him good since he can root & stop groups of enemies safely. (btw the ‘Raise Coil’ is pretty mediocre & requires multiple turns and a setup in order to use effectively, so don’t get it)

Sorceress – She has the same circumstances w/ Zapper in that you would need to fully max her out first in order to use this character effectively. Otherwise she is pretty bad in 1st star & 2nd star. Her only redeeming quality is her 3rd star ‘Summon Golem’ skill which is really good at tanking hits in boss fights or strong enemies. But she is C tier because you are pretty much required to max her out first in order to use it effectively.

Dark Knight – he is extremely good in KrumThak’s Dominion since there is rarely any magic or true damage in it. And is kinda solid in Wild Moon if you kill the Ashervan Enchantress first & avoid Nightshades but in Stormcloud’s Winter & Extradimensional Menace there are too many mages there and sadly Dark Knight can’t tank magic hits without dying in the process. He is basically an overpowered hero in KrumThak’s Dominion & a mediocre hero in Wild Moon but in other maps he is complete dogsh*t to use.

D – Tier

Sasquatch – 1 star promotion is terrible and only has 1 speed. 3rd star skills are trash. Only promote him in 2nd star and use ‘Mighty Blow’ for close range encounters otherwise he is really bad. His AOE skills are decent but he has no armor so your healing resources will get wasted if you use the Sasquatch. (Bravebark & Barbarian also has the same problem btw)

Witch Doctor – Has terrible range, damage & mediocre 2nd star/3rd star skills. You honestly don’t need the Witch Doctor in order to play. I highly recommend to just buy healing potions in the shops/tavern or to use Sir Gerald ‘Martyr’s Prayer’ skill instead since Sir Gerald can both tank & heal at the same time. (If Sir Gerald didn’t have ‘Martyr’s Prayer’ skill; the Witch Doctor would have been higher up the list tbh)

Sylvan Elf – Has bad range & damage but good speed. The good thing about the Sylvan Elf is that he can both deal range & melee damage. The problem however is that his 1st star & 2nd star range skill sucks. So I highly recommend using ‘Spear Rush + Skirmish’ and forget the rest of the skills since most are bad which is why I ranked him in D tier. (btw he was pretty decent up until ironhide nerfed him to the ground…)

Written by Ballin

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