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Lethal Company Equipment Guide

A guide explaining the standard equipment available in game.

Lethal Company Equipment Guide

Survival Gear

This stuff is your bread and butter equipment.

  • Walkie-Talkie: A radio used to communicate between players. Requires power and needs to be switched on to use. Invaluable if you intend to keep a player watching the team from the console.
  • Flashlight: A cheap and semi-reliable way to navigate the very dark buildings you will be running around defecating your pants in! Requires power and drains it fairly quickly, so make sure flick it on and off.
  • Pro-Flashlight: A slightly more expensive, but superior flashlight! It’s brighter, covers a wider area and can be flicked on and off rapidly. Requires power.

Specialized Gear

Specialized equipment for specialized jobs.

  • Lockpicker: An automated lock pick. Attach to a locked door and wait a minute for it to work. Useful if you can’t find keys, but at 16 lbs it can get cumbersome to keep on you at all times.
  • Boombox: A blue boombox for rocking out with! Useful for placing at dungeon entrances to find your way back or distracting local fauna. Requires Power.
  • TZP-Inhalant: A combination of space amphetamines and helium. Will make you very fast, very slippery and very silly sounding. Container has limited quantity so use sparingly.
  • Jet-pack: It’s a freaking jet-pack! Useful for crossing gaps, but is somewhat slow and unwieldy. More often than not, you’ll be using this to do front flips and explode hilariously. Requires Power.
  • Key: A small metal key that can be found during missions. Will instantly unlock any locked door and destroy the key.
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Offensive Gear

This is what you get instead of a shotgun.

  • Shovel: A piece of metal on a stick! Use this for smacking smaller fauna in the face until they either die or you get tired and flee. Larger creatures like Eyeless Dogs and Forest Giants will just eat you.
  • Stop-Sign: An octagonal piece of metal on a stick! Aim at smaller creatures and swing for the bleachers!
  • Stun Grenade: Exactly what it says on the tin. Prime it, throw it and get your friends killed by stunning everyone in front of a Forest Giant. Useful in a pinch for making a quick getaway.
  • Zap Gun: A large clunky taser. On use, will attempt to auto-lock the nearest entity and then electrocute them until it runs out of power or you click again. Note that it will also lock on to players. VERY useful for locking down an enemy while your friends beat it with a shovel. Requires Power.

Ship Equipment

Upgrades you may or may not want for your ship.

  • Loud Horn: A deafeningly loud horn for your ship. Primary uses include annoying the hell out of your friends, letting them know it’s time to leave, or just an easy way to guide them back.
  • Teleporter: A teleporter that can be used from the console. When targeting a player from the terminal, will teleport them or their corpse back to the ship at the cost of them dropping all of their items and a credit fee.
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