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Lethal Company Outside Maps/Moons Guide

This is a collection of top down images / maps of the outside portions of all the current moons.
I’ve marked the ship, main entrances, and fire exits – as well as including a few marked routes for specific moons + additional info.

Lethal Company Outside Maps/Moons Guide



  • Experimentation
  • Assurance
  • Vow


  • Offense
  • March


  • Rend
  • Dine
  • Titan


1 Main Entrance + 1 Fire Exit

The first moon you’ll likely be visiting. A good moon to start with – both the main entrance and fire exit are fairly close to the ship, and both entrances are practically right next to each other.

Dropping items off the top of the catwalk at the fire exit and off the side of the train tracks (leading to the ship) can help speed up your retrievals by a little bit.

There’s a ladder far off to the right when facing the main entrance that might come in handy, if you’re trying to avoid creatures at late periods in the day.


1 Main Entrance + 1 Fire Exit

A slightly longer route to take for the “beginner” moons, compared to Experimentation. The fire exit is accessible via a long ladder climb to the to the right of the ship (facing the direction of the ship), near the big rock & scaffolding. Jump across to the pipe, then to the right to the fire exit.

Like Experimentation, dropping items off the sides of the main entrance or off of the pipe by the fire exit can help speed up your retrievals a bit. I would avoid dropping items off the side of the cliff at the fire exit – there’s a chance they could get stuck along the side and be difficult to retrieve. If you need to get down quickly from the pipe, fall down along the side of the cliff and nudge your way down (think Skyrim-style cliff descending).

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1 Main Entrance + 1 Fire Exit

The longest route to take of the “beginner” moons, and my least personal favorite out of all the moons. You do see a higher spawn rate of circuit bee hives here though since it’s a forest map, which can be lucrative – if you have a team that’s willing to go for those, that is.

Take the more central bridge to go directly to the main entrance, or slide along down the cliff near the dam bridge to get to the fire exit.

Keep your eyes peeled for any dogs / giants once it starts getting late – giants are especially dangerous on this moon. Hugging the riverside (south of the ship) may help, if you’re trying to avoid giants, since there’s a few more hills there to use as cover.


1 Main Entrance + 1 Fire Exit

Similar in route length compared to Assurance, but has overall better loot potential – as such, I prefer to go here over Assurance when possible. The route to the main entrance is fairly easy – head under the yellow crane through some bushes, then make a left and keep heading straight.

There’s a cool trick-jump you can do to quickly get on the large pipe at the start, as the ship is descending. This can save you a ton of time when going to the fire exit, if you’re confident in your parkour skillz. A jetpack can also be useful on this moon for getting onto the pipe as well – just bear in mind you can’t carry items while using one.

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You can get to the fire exit normally by heading down the path to the main entrance, making a left onto and across the yellow crane, and onto a rock that leads to another jump onto the pipe. Head down the pipe to the 2 silos to find the fire exit.

To speed up your retrievals, you can drop items off from the pipe right next to the ship, if you’re coming from the fire exit – just be careful not to slip off!


1 Main Entrance + 2 Fire Exit

The better of the 2 forest maps, in my opinion. Notably, this is the only map in the game currently that has more than 1 fire exit, which means a full team of 4 can spread out early on much more efficiently – meaning greater chances of finding loot early on in the day. Circuit bee hives are also a common sight to see here as well, making this one of the better moons to go to if you don’t have the funds to visit the more lucrative (although more deadly) moons.

That being said, you’ll still want to be mindful of travelling around the outside late in the day. Like Vow, there isn’t that much in the way of overhead cover or hills to prevent giants from tracking you down, so just be cautious when you need to.


1 Main Entrance

A fairly straight-forward route, with only 1 entrance. This moon specifically features the mansion interior layout, as opposed to the facility interior of the past the moons. Loot will typically be more lucrative, but the threats are also much higher inside.

Just follow the path of lights to reach the main entrance. There’s a small, empty wooden house that might be useful for avoiding monsters late in the day, but I wouldn’t rely on this. You can also take a side path to the main entrance by following the light path to the wooden house, then heading around it to the left, hugging the large rock on your right.

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1 Main Entrance + 1 Fire Exit

Pretty much a longer version of Rend, but with a fire exit – hidden in the blizzard off to the right of the ship. Following along the path of lights will lead you to the main entrance – but you can cut down your travel time a bit by breaking off the light path to the left when you reach the large rock, midway down the path. Not much else to add here – like Rend, be mindful of monsters on your way back when it gets late in the day.


1 Main Entrance + 1 Fire Exit

The G.O.A.T. of the “expert” moons – very quick to access, with both the main entrance and fire exit right next to each other. Routing items back to your ship is also the fastest out of all the moons – as you can drop items off the sides of both down to the bottom practically right next to your ship, making retrieval times very efficient.

However, the main downside – besides Titan being the most expensive moon to visit (and the most dangerous interior on average) – is that monsters on the outside can be extremely difficult to navigate around, as they can climb up the catwalks towards the entrances. I’ve seen both giants and dogs spawn on this map – best of luck if they do end up in your way late in the day. Ideally, you should be trying to leave Titan before 3 PM, if you can help it.

Written by McMessenger

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