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Lethal Company Survival Guide

A quick take for those who would like some tips.

Lethal Company Survival Guide

This is a simple guide to help others with our current strategy that seems to be working quite well. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough to get us past day 20. This isn’t how to get the most value per loot per day but it should help out with organization and team work. Let me know if you guys have any other tips!

Small disclaimer: the team roles are not set in stone, as per day, you may have to switch between either or. It really depends on the situation going on or if you lost team members along the way.

Note: There are some spoilers such as hazards and creatures but I won’t be naming them all.

Typical Roles

  • Team Lead – Carries a radio at all times and keeps updating the Operator with information. Usually keeps the team informed for loot locations, creatures or hazards as guided by the Operator.
  • Operator – Stays inside of the ship and uses the terminal to assist the Team Lead by remotely opening secured doors or disabling turrets. The Operator keeps direct communications with the Team Lead to provide intelligence such as loot locations, creatures inside or outside, and time of day.
  • Scavenger – Typically follows the Team Lead unless they are scouting ahead. Scavengers usually can carry keys, stun grenades, shovels or zap guns. They can prioritize in either scouting or looting.
  • Runner – Typically hauls back heavier loot or stages loot in safer locations such as the front entrance or fire exits. They prioritize moving loot around and usually drops flashlights to haul more loot back to the ship.

Role Reference

  • Player A will take the role of Team Lead. (Guy with the best mic)
  • Player B as Scavenger and Runner. (Player A’s wingman)
  • Player C as Operator or Runner. (Charlie Sees All)
  • Player D as Scavenger and Runner. (The 4th wheeler)
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For 3 player lobbies, remove Player D. This guide is not optimized for Duos or Solos.

The Plan

This guide is split between a three or four part run depending on how well your run goes. You can always shift around roles and equipment, trade pro-flashlights with regular flashlights, use lock-picks or bring more stun bombs, it’s up to you. Below are only my recommendations on what to typically bring.

  • 8am Rush > Midday Scavenge (12pm) > 6pm Dash > Night Escape (9pm)

Keep in mind, you may leave at any time if there are too many losses. Always have one survivor or all your loot will be lost.

Tip: For day one, buy whatever you think it’s suitable. At least one of you should bring a flashlight.

Typical Equipment to buy

  • 3x Pro-flashlights – Longer lasting and brighter than the regular flashlight.
  • 2x Radios – 2 way communications
  • 2x Stun bombs – Stuns creatures like Forest Giants/Bees
  • 1x Boomboxes – Lures creatures like Eyeless Dogs
  • 1x Shovel – Used for killing creatures inside the facility

I haven’t experiment much with the zap gun yet. Bring spare equipment if possible!

Load-out for 8am Rush

  • Player A – Pro-flashlight + Walkie-talkie
  • Player B – Pro-flashlight

8am Rush

  • Rush in with everyone going to the Main Entrance or Fire Exists
  • Loot and go, find any items you can find as quickly as possible.
  • Note any extra leftover loot, or undiscovered rooms.
  • Players A and B will drop off any loot at the front entrance so that Players C and D can return it back to the ship.
  • Players A and B continue to explore.
  • Have Player C and D return to ship then Player C picks up the walkie-talkie and remains on ship.
  • Player D will pick up a flashlight and return to looting.
  • This usually lasts until 12pm or earlier.
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Tip: Spread out and wide search, get out if you think there’s an enemy.

Load-out for Midday Scavenge (12pm)

  • Player A – Pro-flashlight + Walkie-talkie
  • Player B – Pro-flashlight
  • Player C – Walkie-talkie
  • Player D – Pro-flashlight + Shovel (if needed)

Midday Scavenge

  • Player A and C will turn on their radios.
  • Player A and Player C keeps each other updated with info with loot, creatures, traps and doors.
  • If you have intel, have Player A send off Player B or D to collect the loot.
  • If there isn’t intel, have Player A send off Player B and D to scout ahead.
  • Have all scouting parties to check in with the Team Lead regularly. Do this until 6pm.
  • Drop off heavier loot or extra loot outside the front gate.
  • If there is a ton of loot, have the Team Lead direct Player D or B to drop loot off back to the ship if needed.
  • Player C can also help carry loot as long they notify the Team Lead that they left the terminal.

Tip: Move slow and together. Only spread out if there is intel of loot or for scouting.
Tip 2: Drop loot as point references so you don’t get lost.

Load-out for 6pm Dash

  • Player A – Pro-flashlight + Walkie-talkie
  • Player B – Pro-flashlight
  • Player C – Walkie-talkie
  • Player D – Pro-flashlight

6pm Dash

  • Player C will give intel if there is any creatures outside.
  • The Team Lead will direct Player B and D to start returning all loot to the ship.
  • If there is more loot at this time, only Player A should continue looting.
  • Player C should help carry loot with the others.
  • Do this until 9pm if there are no issues or casualties.
  • If it’s getting to dangerous, you can escape around this time.
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Tip: You may leave behind keys, to take extra loot, as they are only worth 10 credits. This includes flashlights too (25 credits)

Tip 2: Grab the energy core last if possible as it radiates the entire building over time.

Load-out for Night Escape (9pm)

  • Player A – Pro-flashlight + Walkie-talkie
  • Player B – (Return equipment to ship)
  • Player C – Walkie-talkie
  • Player D – (Return equipment to ship)

Night Escape

  • This is a HIGH RISK part, only commit to it if it’s worth the loot.
  • Player C Radios that it’s 9pm.
  • Player A must to return to the ship as soon as possible.
  • Player A may request help if they is loot only and if it’s only necessary at a high risk.
  • Forest Giants have a larger hearing/vision detection range than what you may think and can outrun you. They usually spawn after 3pm.
  • Have Player C ready stun bombs to help your team.

Eyeless Dogs usually come in packs of three, always crouch and keep quiet as they usually spawn after 6pm.

  • Turn off walkie-talkies unless you’re safe to use them.

Tip: No shame in leaving earlier if too many teammates are downed or if you can’t find enough loot. Always have 1 member on the ship and don’t risk it if you already have a lot of loot.

Tip 2: You can grab the bee hive for easy credits at the end as long as you have one person to distract them. Stun bomb seems to have them stunned in place for a long time. Use it once they are outside the hive.

Tip 3: The Operator should turn on the boom box at a good distance away from the ship around 6pm to attract creatures so that Runners can return safely.

Written by goonie

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