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Lethal League Blaze – All Unlocks

You can unlock it? It’s here.


Please, restart your game before attempting to unlock any costumes. There are bugs that, for whatever reason, prevent costume unlocks when the game has been running for some time.


Ballhead 1

Get all checkmarks on every node of Story Mode. This means clearing with every character available to be chosen from per node apart from the final two.

This also unlocks the achievement The Multiverse.

Ballhead 2

Clear Arcade with every character.

This also unlocks the achievement Full House.


Workbot Frame

Clear Blue 4B: The Mayfly of Story Mode.

Old Workbot Frame

Clear Arcade with Switch.


Strait Jacket

Clear Arcade with Candyman.

Strait jacket Alert

Requires Strait jacket to be unlocked first. Restart your game after clearing Arcade and before attempting Tests to avoid any bugs. Clear Orange 1: Tests of Story Mode.

Using Restarts may prevent unlocking.


Zoot Suit

Clear Orange 4: Getting Up of Story Mode as Sonata.

Zoot Suit Deluxe

Reach maximum Spark (currency) capacity of 9,999 then complete one match.


L.2 Full Mecha

Clear Arcade, then clear Green 1: The Offer of Story Mode. Restart your game after clearing Arcade and before attempting The Offer to avoid any bugs.

Note: It is not clearing without losing a stock. It might be time based, it might be without power ups, it might be without bunting. All anyone knows is; keep trying and you get it eventually, it’s fairly easy. Remember to restart your whole game as well.

L.2 Full Mecha B

Clear Arcade with Latch without using continues.

This also unlocks the achievement Doombox Slam Dunk.


Domino the Cursed

Spam color change on Dice in any character select menu until it unlocks. No purchase required. Lucky.

Domino The Blessed

Purchase (not unlock) all of Dice’s other skins/costume. This includes Noise Clone by reaching level 36.


Safety Weapon

Clear White 4: The Final Round of Story Mode.

This also unlocks the achievement Clear Skies.

Dark Safety Weapon

Unlock the achievements Clear Skies/Grand Slam; Clear the Story Mode/Reach 1,000,000 u/s ball speed outside of Training.

Noise Skins

Noise are unlocked through gaining levels, much like gold and shadow skins for the previous Lethal League.

Level – Character

  • 11 – Raptor
  • 16 – Switch
  • 21 – Sonata
  • 26 – Latch
  • 31 – Candyman
  • 36 – Dice
  • 41 – Jet
  • 46 – Nitro
  • 51 – Grid
  • 56 – Doombox


To unlock beats, you either purchase stages or complete a number of matches.

  • B. Bravo & Lean Rock – Shred | Purchase the stage Central Streets
  • Bignic – Ruiner | Purchase the stage Workbot Facotry
  • zeroSCAR – X | Purchase the stage Paradise Field
  • Doctor Lazer – Headbangeren | Complete 400 Matches OR unlock Industrial Outskirts Retro
  • Bignic – Scream | Purchase the stage Central Streets OR Complete 200 Matches
  • Klau Veen – Ordinary Days | Complete 100 Matches OR unlock Room 21 Retro
  • Frank Klepacki – Decible | Purchase the stage Scrap Desert

Retro Stages

Retro Stages are unlocked only by completing a number of matches. Like… A lot of them.

Matches – Stage

  • 500 – City Streets
  • 1000 – State Manufacturing Factory
  • 2000 – Underground Sewer System
  • 3000 – Room 21 Retro
  • 4000 – Hammer Express
  • 5000 – Abandoned Pool Retro
  • 6000 – Industrial Outskirts

Have fun!

Written by Magnus

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