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Lethal League Blaze – Grand Slam Achievement

Below you will find a step by step guide to unlocking the Grand Slam achievement. When you unlock this achievement, you will also unlock the Dark Safety Weapon skin for Doombox.

Please note that I know there are other techniques to get the player to one million speed (With down airs etc). I am writing this guide with beginners in mind and I personally feel this way is the easiest. Everyone should be able to get this achievement by following this simple technique.

You will need two input devices for this method. (So a controller and keyboard).

Grand Slam Achievement

  1. Select Versus mode.
  2. Select 1v1 mode.
  3. Go to options and set the energy to ONE.
  4. Select Latch for your character. (Because of his special ability.)
  5. Activate a player two so you do not have a CPU player. (You do not need a friend to be your player two. You will not be using player two.)
  6. Start the match.
  7. Put player two in the corner.
  8. As Latch, hit the ball once to get your energy filled up to full.
  9. With a full energy bar, use Latch’s special ability to catch the ball in your mouth.
  10. Jump up and release the ball so it is above your head and player two’s head. This is very important. If you did this correctly the ball will be bouncing from left wall to right wall horizontally above you.
  11. Now you need to speed the ball up. To do this you need to do a charged hit jump. Hold the hit button and then jump right away. If you’re doing the charge correctly, your character will blink white. Release the hit button right as you jump (Time your jump so you hit the ball. This may take a few tries to get the timing down.) You want to time the jump so you jump right as your character blinks white. Do not press any direction inputs while you are hitting the ball, or it will make the ball bounce off and it will kill player two. You want to keep the ball going horizontally.
  12. Repeat and watch the meter on the boombox at the bottom of the screen. This will take you a few minutes, but you will reach one million with this technique.
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Written by MRM | Snubs

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