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Let’s School Disaster Management Guide

Despite the game considering disasters just as fires and earthquakes, some other stuff can be considered personal disasters and if not solved in time, they can ruin your entire play-through requiring you to reload a previous save file to avoid, and they’re as following:

Let’s School Disaster Management Guide

Literally not joking, you’re going to have lots of bins laying around covering every piece of the floor but despite that, you’ll realize that your whole school is covered in garbage, pathing is ruined and students can’t satisfy their needs, and you’re losing satisfaction so fast and there is major dropout wave of students from your school, so you need to manage these wisely by doing the following:

Cleaning Supplies;
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Cleaning Supplies come into 3 different levels, each share the same functuality but provide better cleaning range, students that will come near them will clean the nearby location on their own which free a slot in Morning Sessions but they require to be mounted around the school and makes it a nightmare when moving rooms from a location to another.

Clean Up Morning Sessions;
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

When having garbage pins nearby, students won’t necessary use them to clean school ground, so you tell the homeroom teachers to order students to clean up the school, which despite taking a spot from other sessions that boost learning, it helps in not losing the students themselves from your school or affecting their learning experience in a negative way.

Robot Cleaner;
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Literally an endgame solution to all your cleaning problems, it doesn’t waste a time of student, can clear a large range, and all on its own, just place and forget dirt accumulating ever again.

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Management Status:
Management Status is an insane hassle to manage from early game and becomes more difficult in endgame, with every facility you create, it’ll require someone to manage it in your school and you manually assign every building to one of your manager, changing them to a better suited managers, and assign perfect Management Modules for them depending on types of buildings they manage. Possible solutions are as following:

Management Office;
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Your first decent assistant gonna be Ms. Lin, from here, you try to have lots of teachers with management capabilities and build Management Offices for them in order to assist you in managing your school and always prioritize teachers with highest possible Training Proficiency over Management Proficiency, train their Management Proficiency instead to have the highest amount possible cause they’re a long term investment.

Don’t take Drake’s Deal;
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Actually, take them in, pause admission, then kick every one of them after each student reach 3 demerits for achievement, and its all due to how insanely hard to manage them, they put much preasure on management, changing Managing Status to Abnormal levels, cause you to need better suited managers, fast, and in a short notice, so just ignore them and move with your life unless you like the challenge… or torture.

Fire are more of a nuisance than a disaster but if escalated, it can gives a huge negative satisfaction, destroy buildings, and worse, so you need to manage them as fast as possible in order to prevent fire from spreading by doing as following:

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Fire-Fighting Equipment:
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Usually the first fire gonna start in your Food Tent, you’ll need to have those buckets nearby and distributed around your school ground, teachers go to the buckets, fill them with water, then go to the fire and tries to put down, it takes many attempts but it’s faster when the equipment are near the location of the fire itself.

Fire Alarm:
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Fire Alarms warn students in the vicinity to clear out the location and call the fire department, I’ve no idea how they work since I never needed them but supposidly that’s what they do.

Fire Drill:
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Some might consider this as a useless course but students won’t do as you expect them to do in disasters so having students take this once in their school term earlier will teach them how to escape from fire and call authorities and teachers in time, reducing all the damages to students’ health requiring almost no need to use hospitals but when upgrading your building, this course become almost useless since no fires while start ever again.

IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Automatically put down the fire near them but also have another use which is increasing a facility’s score since there is no limit to how much you can put inside one facility.

By the time of making this guide they’re disabled temporary but when they were live, they were an absolute nightmare, they upscale in difficulty the more you advance in the game to a moment that I lost an entire school to a 6.2 earthquake which really had me reload a previous save and upgrade my entire school building, and to deal with them, that’s what you should do:

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Reload Save;
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

I wish I was joking but earlier, you might not have enough money to upgrade your teaching building and it’ll be so costly that an earthquake will cause you serious damages and the worst problem is you not knowing what it destroyed if you’ve a bigger school, so the easiest solution is to just reload an old save.

Teaching Building;
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Since earthquakes scale in power till they reach up to 8.2 (highest I’ve experienced), you need to improve your building so better have a budget for this after securing a stable source of income, it’s a worthy upgrade and the better the building, the better the resistant to the earthquake allowing for less or almost no damages at all.

Earthquake Drill;
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Unlike Fire Drill special course, Earth Quake drill is crucial, it literally teach students to how to react when an earthquake occur, they go take cover, and instead of having 250 students requiring medical attention, you’ll see around 35 students needing help instead, so it saves you empty places and personnel to build clinics and reduce the negative satisfaction that the students suffer.

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