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Let’s School Guide to Efficiency & Effectiveness (Business Management)

Let’s School Guide to Efficiency & Effectiveness

Efficiency and Effectiveness are terms we study in Business Management where efficiency means to meet the goal set regardless of resources and time spent while effectiveness means to reach the same said goals and objectives with the least amount of resources and time spent but in this game.

IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Efficiency is when you build a classroom with all basic requirements for it and adding some optional stuff that boost score rating or environment, and making them in a way that’s more of design appealing to you then call it a day. Yes, you’ll achieve the goal of having place for students to learn, you’ve the teachers and courses assigned, and despite how good looking it is for you, there are lots of wasted potential that could’ve helped you build less number of classrooms as an example but I understand it’s a personal preference.

IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Effectiveness is when building a classroom, you build all required stuff of the highest effect you’ve in hand, then adding requiring stuff such as lunch box hanger, garbage can, and AC, stuff that affect student satisfaction directly while also adding the highest items that grant highest environment or building score, requiring the least amount of space possible which despite seeming restricting, it’s the design of the perfect income saving school facility, the design of the school itself is up to you.

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So maximizing everything while using least space is always better, right?

  • Actually, no. Your object is to have the best of what your current income support, forcing you to maximize everything could cost you a fortune in term of items’ costs allowing you to skip more important investments. It’s better to focus on having the facility with minimal requirement at the beginning and leaving it as it is for now till you’ve a better income, you build the best design of a facility, and copy-paste it multiple times maximizing gains.
  • Another think to put into consideration, highest aspiration students will care about the environment and building score for their quality of learning and satisfaction while low aspiration has lower needs which make them adaptable to anything you build so you’d better stick with maximized facilities for high aspiration students to avoid having dropouts or failing students and go carefree with other types of students.
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