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Let’s School Guide to Indoors, Outdoors, and Expansion

Indoors, Outdoors, and Expansion

Before making your school, you need to understand there are different type of things you need to put into consideration before choosing your school location, building a facility, or thinking of expanding your current school because there are some limitations to what you can build and where.

IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

  • Teaching Building:
    Teaching Building is the building foundation of your school where all facilities of your school will be placed inside of it or even on top of it, it goes by a 2×2 square space, at the beginning you start with Chinese Wooden Structure and as you advance in your research, you can unlock up to Steel Structure which is fireproof and has the highest earthquake resistance of all buildings, also, any facility that requires you to be placed indoors will have to be put inside your Teaching Building of your school,
  • Indoor Facilities:
    Indoor Facilities takes the space within your school Teaching Building, they follow a 1×1 square space to be placed and expand instead of 2×2 square space like Teaching Building and they inherit the original stats of the type of Teaching Building they’re within such as Fire Resistance and Earthquake Resistance but please note, you can only move a facility within a Teaching Building to another Teaching Building of the same type for now, so you can’t move a classroom built in a Chinese Wooden Structure to a Concrete Structure as an example.
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It’s the space that is outside of your school building site, it directly touches the external layout of your school and follow its own set of rules where specific buildings can only be put on top of it.

Outdoor facilities:
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Outdoor facilities are facilities that can only be place outside of school building and they require that no roof should be in top of them but the trick is, they can be build above the school itself since school roof itself is considered to be Outdoors so you can put a playground, a bicycle shed, a helipad, and more on your school roof without concerning yourself with available land you currently have.

Car Parking Lot:
IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

Car Parking Lot is the only exception to your outdoor facilities, unlike them, it can’t be built over your school roof or even on any random outdoor space on your school grounds, instead, it need to placed on the edge of your school outside of any building to work since let’s be clear, it’s gonna be hard to move a bus on top of your school that contain kids compared to bicycles or even a helicopter.

IbnBattuta's Guide to Let's School!

You might think the given space to you is so limited to build your dream school but surprisingly, you can expand your school easily by buying neighboring grounds to it which merge both grounds to one bigger land that you’re allowed to build your school on.

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