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Let’s School Japanese Names Mod

A simple mod so students, teachers, schools and cats have japanese names.

Let’s School Japanese Names Mod

Wondering why the students in your japanese style school located in a japanese style city have names like Linda Smith or John Howard ? Wonder no more! With this little mod, schools, students, teachers, and even cats will have japanese names when playing in English. Yatta!


  • Download the mod here
  • Go to the game main folder (where LetsSchool.exe is)
  • (Optional) Make a backup of the L10n folder
  • Extract the mod here. Overwrite files when asked.
  • Profit!

Other languages

This mod is for the English traduction of the game by default. If you want it to work for other languages, you need to do the following:

  • Extract the mod somewhere (not in the game folder!)
  • Go inside the extracted L10n0 folder
  • Change the en-US part of the files names into your language code, for example de-DE if you play in German
  • Copy the files into the L10n0 folder of the game. Overwrite when asked

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