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Life is Strange 2 Episode 2: Rules Achievements Guide / All Collectibles

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 Rules Achievements Guide

Overall, there are nine achievements in the second episode of Life is Strange 2, and you get most of them after finding collectibles. Now you’ll learn how to get all the achievements at one go.

No plot spoilers.

Free Spirits achievement
You’ll get it automatically, right after you complete the episode.

A Private Journey achievement
Find all the collectibles in the episode. Information on where and in what chapters they could be found is down below.

Back in Time achievement
Power Bear (Chapter ‘Young Apprentice’)

In the first chapter, after you and Daniel finish your work-out and get some water, find a two-headed Snowmancer next to the house. There would be a tree behind it. Walk up to the tree, look upwards and you’ll see a metal box. Check it and ask your younger brother to retrieve the box with his telekinetic powers. You’ll find the Power Bear patch inside the box.

Draw The Line achievement
A sketch (Chapter ‘The Gingerbread House’)

After having breakfast at your grandparents’ place, come to the corner (which is marked on the screenshot) and press ‘Sit and draw’. Look around the room and press and hold the button. Then look at the copybook and perform the action. If you play with gamepad, move left stick every which way, for example, move it clockwise or counterclockwise. Next, take turns in focusing on your grandma and Daniel (if he is sitting on a coach) and draw them. Then repeat it in the same order: the room, grandma, Daniel. Sean’s sketch will become more well-worked, and you’ll get the achievement right after you leave the chair.

Family Business achievement
A Beaver Creek sign (Chapter ‘The Gingerbread House’)

After you finish with the sketch, go to the second floor. There would be a big train model to the left of the staircase. Sit down in front of the model. Take the following actions to get the second collectible (you can hold speed-up button, not releasing it, so that the train goes faster):

  • Set the switch (which is on you right) to right;
  • Look at the coaling station and press ‘Prepare refill’;
  • Wait until the train reaches the coaling station and stops to refill;
  • Again, look at the right switch and set it to forward;
  • When the train passes the tunnel, and you hear some crackling, turn your head left, towards the station, and press ‘Make the train stop’;
  • When it stops, check it to find a Beaver Creek sign.

Bad Santa achievement
A beer cap (Chapter ‘Bending Laws’)

While looking for Daniel who’s at some of your neighbors’ place, don’t enter Chris’ house, but go around it and check the Snowmancer. Get the beer cap which used to be its eye.

Heirloom achievement
Interstellar traveler (Chapter ‘Bending Laws’)

Now go to Chris’ place. After a short video, he’ll ask you to classify the toys into heroes and villains. The heroes are: the Warrior, Pirate, Dino, and Bear. The villains: the Car and Insectoid. Look at Chris and confirm your choice. If it’s correct, the boy will give you one of the toys.

Teenage Angst achievement
A guitar pick (Chapter ‘Christmas Spirit’)

Find a girl with a guitar in the Christmas market. Give her some money and listen to the full song. Talk to the girl after a short video. When the cut-scene ends, and the girl leaves the market, check the place where she was sitting. There you’ll find a guitar pin.

Small Town Blues achievement
A ticket (Chapter ‘Screeching Tires’)

When you get to the room (that was locked at first), come to a CD player and try to play it. You’ll discover that it’s not plugged in. There is a socket on the left. Plug CD player into it and try to play it again. This won’t work, but you’ll find the last collectible inside CD rack – a ticket.

Congratulations! You got all the achievements in Episode 2: Rules!

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