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Like a Dragon Gaiden Hostess Guide: Fastest and Cheapest Way

Like a Dragon Gaiden Hostess Guide

The things we do for achievements. An absurd guide to the cheapest way to max affection for each hostess. I also included a section under each hostess for those who want to give practical gifts.

I. The Basics

I’ll start with the bare bones for those who just want to grab the achievements.

Speed: All of the dialog can be skipped using ‘pause button, skip’ including the meeting/departing sequences. The final scene after you earn the third heart cannot be skipped.


  • Kei: Redbull Cocktail, Draft Beer
  • Ayu: Redbull Cocktail, Draft Beer
  • Kaname: Redbull Cocktail
  • Kokoro: Draft Beer
  • Ai: Redbull Cocktail

Bentos for everyone. Either the Bento Lunch Set from Poppo Sotenbori or the Healthy Balanced Bento from Poppo Shofukucho. Both are 550 yen, you’ll need 15 total

Now all you have to do is answer the questions. You can only earn one affection heart per visit. The affection bar does not need to be completely full to earn the heart, it just has to be past the indicator and you must answer the final question properly.

There are a lot of questions but you only need to answer a few per visit. Ctrl+F is your friend.

II. Kei – Club Heavenly

  • Drinks: Redbull Cocktail, Draft Beer, Whiskey, Gold Champaign, Black Champaign
  • Gifts: Pillow Pup, SEGA Taiyaki, Prima Heat Earrings, Star Crossed Earrings, Gold Plate, Platinum Plate, High End Time-Piece, Midnight Ring

Heart 0 Questions

  • First Visit: Sorry if my Japanese sounds a little weird.
  • Response: I can be your speaking partner
  • Hitting the Bottle
  • Question: Do you drink a lot?
  • Response: I chug as much as I can

Adventurous Palate
Question: What new good do you think I tried?
Response: Spicy fish roe

Japanese Food
Question: Do you have any hobbies?
Response: Karaoke

Question: Do you like pizza?
Response: Pizza gets me pumped up

Choice of Clothing
Question: What do you wear besides suites?
Response: My birthday suit

Japanese Food
Question: What’s your favorite Japanese dish?
Response: Sushi

Kansai dialect
Question: Sometimes I can’t understand
Response: Sometimes, even I don’t understand

Final Question
Do you know what a streamer is?
Response: Someone who does live broadcasts online

Heart 1 Questions

Second Visit Question: What would you stream Joryu-san?
Response: Karaoke

Question: What kind of hairstyle do you like on women?
Response: Long

Talking is Nice
Question: It’s easy to open up to you!
Response: I’d love to hear more

Question: Do you travel a lot?
Response: I’ve been all over Japan

Ladies’ Man
Question: You must be popular with the ladies
Response: I suppose I am

Feeling Unwell
Question: It’s easy to open up to you!
Response: I’d love to hear more

Live Streaming
Question: I got worried about people’s reactions
Response: If you have fun, that’s all that matters

Chatty Drunks
Question: Are you a chatty drunk?
Response: Only around you

Final Question: What do you think my end goal is?
Response: To become a legendary streamer

Heart 2 Questions

Third Visit: Do you have any close friends?
Response: I have online friends

Date Destinations
Question: Where would you take me one a date?
Response: We’d start at my place

Being Cheated On
Question: What would you do if a girl cheated on you?
Response: Breakup with her

Getting Out of Things
Question: I wonder why I haven’t been able to date much…
Response: Do you have high standards

Pick-up Lines
Question: Do you have any pick-up lines?
Response: You’re one interesting woman

Too Much Alcohol
Question: I might’ve had too much to drink…
Response: You face does seem a little red

Fighting Prowess
Question: You’re a force to be reckoned with, huh?
Response: I’m nothing to write home about

Dearth of Dates
Question: I wonder why I haven’t been able to date much…
Response: Do you have high standards?

Final Question: I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that…I’m worried.
Response: I believe in you

III. Ayu – Club Heavenly

Drinks: Redbull Cocktail, Draft Beer, Shochu, Rosé Champaign, Black Champaign

Gifts: Pixel Figure (kamulop), Teardrop Earrings, Twinkle Heart Ring, Nutriment of the Conquering Emperor, Gold Plate, Platinum Plate, Midnight Ring, High-end Timepiece

Heart 0 Questions

First Visit: It’s nice to meet you. I’m Ayo
Response: Sounds good…

Dressing On Days Off
Question: I try to relax by wearing comfier clothes…
Response; Like pants and flats?

My Drinking Habits
Question: Do you play any sports or anything?
Response I do to the gym every day.

Valuable Work Skills
Question: What’s important in your line of work?
Response: The ability to resist temptation

What are you Staring At?
Question: Why are you staring at me?
Response: Your boobs are…really big

Was it Cold Out?
Question: You weren’t cold on your way here, were you?
Response: I’m freezing. Why don’t you come warm me up?

Playing Sports
Question: Do you play any sports or anything?
Response: I go to the gym every day

My Skincare Routine
Question: Do you have a skincare routine?
Response: Face mask after bathing, every night

My Drinking Habits
Question: How much do you usually drink?
Response: Like a fish

Final Question: How should a club’s number one act?
Response: They should be a role model, a leader

Heart 1 Questions

Second Visit: Have you dealt with customers before?
Response: I was a host for a bit

Talkative Women
Question: What do you think of talkative women?
Response: I love their energy

Ice Breakers
Question: What’s you go-to conversation starter?
Response: Something about the time of year, perhaps

Regional Friends
Question: Do you have a lot of friends from all over?
Response: You could say that

Chinese Food Therapy
Question: Do you know what Chinese good therapy is?
Response: Yeah, it’s about treating problems your body might develop
Alluring Sights
Question: What small, fleeting image gets you going?
Response: The nape of her neck when her hair is up

Her Day Off Routine
Question: What do you think I do on my days off?
Response: Exercise, I bet

Question: Have you heard of a coffret?
Response: Yeah, it’s a makeup thing right?

Final Question: What career would be best for me?
Response: How about running a beauty salon?

Heart 2 Questions

Third Visit: Did you follow my little suggestion?
Response: Yep, I’m drinking water along with my alcohol

Pursuing Dreams
Question: Pursuing my dreams is my top priority
Response: You need a guy who’s the same way

Her Drinking Habits
Question: How much do you think I usually drink?
Response: Two bottle of champagne, probably?

More About Me
Question: Tell me something about yourself?
Response: I don’t have anything good to talk about

Question: What do you consider cheating?
Response: Spending the night together

Dating Apps
Questions: How do you feel about fibbing on a dating profile?
Response: Any blatant lies should be avoided

Admiring Her
Question: What are you looking at?
Response: Those sexy lips of yours

Favored Cosplay
Question: Pursuing my dreams is my top priority
Response You need a guy who’s the same way

Final Question: I stated studying to get the license I need!
Response: Congratulations. Let’s raise a glass to you

IV. Kaname – Castle Cabaret

Drinks: Redbull Cocktail, Gold Champaign, Rosé Champaign

Gifts: Kitty Kat (plush), Healthy Bento, Twinkle Heart Ring, Gold Plate, Midnight Ring, High-end Timepiece

Heart 0 Questions

First Visit: I’m Kaname. It’s a pleasure to meet you
Response: No need to be so polite

Favorite Food
Question: I love seafood!
Response: What kind of chikuwa?

Drink Preference?
Question: What do you drink?
Response: Wine flows through my veins

Question: Do you think I’m unique?
Response: I think so

Question: I’m not a very good singer…
Response: Singing is all about feeling

Maid Cafe
Question: I used to work in a maid cafe
Response: You seem like a natural

Early Risers
Question: I am not a morning person…
Response: I’m sleepy in the morning too

Final Question: Spending time with you doesn’t feel like work
Response: Really?

Heart 1 Questions

Second Visit: I work as a model too.
Response: What does that involve

Question: Becoming a pinup idol is tough
Response: You mean interacting with people on set?

The Opposite Sex
Question: I never make the first move
Response: Then, I’ll make the moves

Art or Science?
Question: You think I’m more creative or analytic
Response: Analytical

Getting Drunk
Question: I get all touchy with people when I’ve been drinking..
Response; You’re not touchy with me…

Foodie Adventures
Question: Sometimes, I go on gourmet trips
Response: You’re incredibly motivated

Question: I skipped meals today..
Response: You sound like a professional

Question: I can eat a whole cake by myself!
Response: Actually, I’m the same

Final Question: Do you think I can make it as a pinup model?
Response: You have my support

Heart 2 Questions

Third Visit: I really missed you
Response: Let’s make this another one to remember

Question: If I had a boyfriend, I’d love to cook for him
Response: Sounds delicious

Question: I like to draw
Response: Draw me

Cosplay Selfies
Question: I’ve gone overboard with cosplay selfies…
Response; What kinds of poses do you do?

Date Destinations
Question: Where would you take me on a date?
Response: A secluded, hole-in-the-wall spot

Heart Pounding
Question: What would you do to excite me?
Response: Give you a surprise present

A Hard Worker
Question: I always see things through to the end!
Response: I get that impression from you

Final Question: Can you put me at ease?
Response: Just be your usual self and you’ll be fine!

V. Kokoro – Castle Cabaret

Drinks: Draft Beer, Shochu,Gold Champaign, Rosé Champaign, Black Champaign

Gifts: White Pearl Necklace, High-end Timepiece, Star Crossed Earrings

Heart 0 Questions

First Visit: Hey there, I’m Kokoro
Response: I’m sure I will

Mahjong, Anyone
Question: Have you ever played mahjong?
Response: Heh, wanna try me?

Question: I don’t usually wear makeup
Response: Looks like it’s doing your skin good

Question: How did you get so fit?
Response: I fight thugs

Romantic Interests
Question; What’s your type
Response: You like gorilla-like men?

Question: Do you like kids?
Response: Kids are great!

Question: Interested in marriage?
Response: I might consider one with you

Getting Drunk
Question: I’m a chatterbox when I’m drunk…
Response: You look sexier when you’re drunk

Final Question: What’s your greatest accomplishment?
Response: It’s still to come

Heart 1 Questions

Second Visit: I have so many interests
Response: How do you find the time?

Spice it Up!
Question: Let’s kick things up a notch!
Response: Yeah! Let’s have a blast tonight!

Yakuman on East One
Question: I dealt into a dealer yakuman on east one, and immediately zeroed out
Response: I’ve done the opposite before

The Perfect Relationship
Question: What’s the perfect relationship?
Response: You make a good point

Question: How old are you?
Response: 51

Your Dreams
Question: What are your dreams?
Response: A trip around the world

Moving House
Question: I think it might be time to move!
Response: I can help you make space where you’re at

Opinion On Me?
Question: What do you think of me?
Response: I’m not particularly interested

Final Question: I’ve saving up for my dreams
Response: Then I’ll be sure to ask for you ever time!

Heart 2 Questions

Third Visit: I can’t help but wish there were two of me…
Response: I feel the same way sometimes

Publish Relationship
Question: How should I deal with people
Response: Secretly record them

Feeling Tense
Question: I haven’t had a massage in a while…
Response: I could do with one myself

Domestic Bliss
Question: I wish I had a sweetheart husband waiting at home…
Response: With a delicious home-cooked meal ready?

Question: Sometimes, work consumes my whole life
Response: I’d like to support you if I can

Fun Together
Question: Wanna have some fun?
Response: Let’s play some mahjong

Birthday Present
Question: Any recommendations for a present?
Response: An accessory

Question: You remind me of a gorilla!
Response: I’m a long way off compared to a real gorilla

Final Question: Maybe I should give up on something
Response: Don’t give up. Go for what you want!
Take a break and think about it – will also work here but I preferred her answer to the first option.

VI. Ai – Castle Cabaret

Drinks: Redbull Cocktail, Whiskey, Gold Champaign, Rosé Champaign

Gifts: Kumami, Healthy Bento, White peal earrings, Trinity Circle Earrings, High-end Timepiece

Heart 0 Questions

First Visit: How do you do? I’m Ai
Response: Nice to meet you

Horror Movies
Question: How are you with horror films?
Response: I’m not good with jump scares

Spicy Food
Question: How are you with spicy food?
Response: I love intense heat that leaves me sweating

Alcohol Tolerance
Question: I’m a lightweight drinker?
Response; I’ll drink in your stead

Question: I always end up staring at my phone…
Response: I’m the same way

Love and Stress
Question: A stress-free romance is best
Response: Overcoming stress together creates passion

Moving Overseas
Question: Should I move overseas too?
Response: If you do, I’ll join you

Old Age
Question: Do you ever think about old age?
Response; I’m still in my prime

Final Question: Can we take this to the next level?
Response: Sounds good to me

Heart 1 Questions

Second Visit: You must be tired
Response: I feel right at home

Personal Assets
Question: They really show off my secret weapons
Response: They’re pretty obvious

First Impressions
Question: First impressions are everything in love
Response: The first meeting decides attraction

Classical Music
Question: Do you attend classical music events
Response: I’d like to

Growing Up
Question: I used to watch my brother play video games
Response: You and I should play together

Quick Learner?
Question: I can learn any dance right away
Response: You must have good motor skills

Cabaret Clubs
Question: Do you visit cabaret clubs often?
Response: Yeah. I live it up every night.

Lucky Underwear
Question: I have my lucky underwear on right now
Response: You can never have too much luck

Final Question: I have a thing for jawlines
Response: Can you be more specific?

Heart 2 Questions

Third Visit: I can’t help but smile when I see you
Response: Heh, same here

A New Interest
Question: I’ve gotten into the arts lately
Response: You didn’t have the awareness before

An Easy Job
Question: Some people think my job is easy
Response: I know how hard you work

Romantic Interests
Question: I like independent men
Response; Money is important

You’re So Dependable
Question: I never worry when I’m with you
Response: I can take care of all your worries

The Opposite Sex
Question: Do you like to chase, or be chased?
Response: I go after them

Ideal Marriage
Question: A weekend marriage would be nice
Response: Space is important

Question: When do you think I should retire?
Response: Once you meet the man of your dreams

Final Question: There’s something I’m hoping to hear from you…
Response: You’re everything to me
**Again two answers here the other is “You know how I feel”

VI. End

Congratulations! You did it!
Total Cost: 173,250 yen

What is the point of this when the game gives you plenty of money? Because giving konbini items was more fun for me.

Written by G_Fog

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