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Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to farm Ethereal Egesta

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth: How to farm Ethereal Egesta

  • You would wonder about why I am collecting the solids?
  • Well. It’s because of the endgame weapon, and one of them is Ichiban’s hero weapon: Ultima Egesta.
  • It’s easy to make- one Metal Bat and one HUNDRED Ethereal Egesta.
  • But where do we go to farm Ethereal Egesta?

No horsing around, let’s get to the point

Step 1:
Understand that bathrooms will only have limited quantity / will sometimes NOT drop Ethereal Egesta. What you are looking out for is your handy dandy friend Benjamin pushing the cart. He is shown in Chinatown area 40% of the time. He sells you 5 limited time Ethereal Egesta and you have to find him 20 times (or less depending on how far you’ve gotten before finding this guide).

How to farm Ethereal Egesta

His appearances are random so make sure you have all the requirements before you head in.

Being at least 41+ in level (because Chinatown enemies are level 42 in average)
OKA Street Surfer (very efficiently go around Chinatown)

Step 2:
Let’s go to Chinatown! Your taxi ride to start is: Lantern St. Entrance

From here, you need to know two things.
Where Benjamin spawns, and how to look for him.

How to farm Ethereal Egesta

The blue circles are where Benjamin is supposed to spawn. If he doesn’t spawn, don’t worry! The second part of the guide is helping you farm random Sujimon items.

How to farm Ethereal Egesta

If you go around the town in circles, you either will:
Find Benjamin spawned in near the taxi spawn as you’re getting closer to the end of the circle or have gotten 3 free Sujimon stuff.

But don’t get discouraged if he does not spawn in on the first time around, or think my guide is fake because you can’t find him. It’s simply RNG! I also thought this method would not work but I got there trying over and over again. Make sure you reload the area by quick traveling by pulling up your map and getting a ride to Lantern St. Entrance!

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