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Like a Dragon: Ishin Early Game Ryo, Virtue, & Prize Tickets Farm

A way to make a lot of Ryo, tickets, & virtue. Made possible by a gambling addiction gambling.

Early Game Ryo, Virtue, & Prize Tickets Farm

This is done via Cho-Han in the gambling hall, which unlocks in chapter 3. (I think)

1 – Getting Tags

First, you need some tags.

EX. 1000, 10000, 30000.

I recommend getting 200 for 2 Ryo, then gambling to 400. (ex. Poker, Koi-Koi, Chicken Racing so on)
I personally played poker, once you’ve got that move on to the next section.

2 – Cho-Han Regular

Now you’re at the meat of the guide, when you start out you can only wager 200 tags & can only choose even or odd. at first, you might think it’s all luck, but it’s more like 70% luck, and 30% “Skill”.
10% pain 20% pain 15% concentrated power of pain

Once you’ve plopped down a save start a game, the first 3-ish rounds are 90% luck. But after that remember statistics and the other players.

Think about it this way, if it’s been odd 3 times in a row it’ll probably be even next. But something more important is the players, if 3 people on a winning streak are betting odd, bet odd.

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For example, take this photo:

Early Game Ryo, Virtue, & Prize Tickets Farm

You should bet odd because there are more people on a winning streak.

Make sure to exit out of Cho-Han now and again, because you unlock more options.

I’m pretty sure it’s unlocked in this order

  1. Guess 1 Dice, make sure to think of statistics. If the last one was 5, It’s probably not 6.
  2. Guess 2 Dice, I never messed with this one, too unlikely for me.
  3. Bet On Difference, very important will get into this later

You’re wager limit also increases throughout.

3 – Boredom Intensifies

Once you’ve unlocked Bet The Difference, Bet Against The House, & have 10000+ tags.
Put down a save behind the dealer, and start a game.

Now, this is very boring but just bet a 5x difference & bet max. do it 10 – 15 times until you either win and then bet or don’t bet against the house, or reload the save if you didn’t.

Save after you win, and do it all over again.


And there you go you now have a lot of tags, buy platinum plates and bring them over to a pawn shop. Each plate is worth 3 Ryo.

You get thousands of virtue when you sell the plates & get dozens of tickets too.

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Oh, and BTW you can also get some other stuff too. Most important are the Golden Gun & The Jelly Blade.

Early Game Ryo, Virtue, & Prize Tickets Farm

Early Game Ryo, Virtue, & Prize Tickets Farm


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