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LISA How to Access the New/Secret Content

Complete guide on how to access all the new items and content in the definitive edition of Lisa: The Joyful.

LISA How to Access the New/Secret Content

This guide will note all the information you need to access the new and secret content in Lisa: The Joyful Definitive Edition. Make sure to play the game joyless if you want to access all new content.

NOTE: This information was not found or documented by me, full credit to this post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/lisathepainfulrpg/comments/154c5q0/how_to_get_new_stuff_in_lisa_the_joyful/

I am posting it here as I think it would be useful to have this information in the form of a steam guide. If you made this reddit post and want me to add more credits or change/remove this guide please let me know.

Acquiring the items

You need all the following items:

  • Clean Water: Acquired randomly by using Lardy’s Warlord Skill. Bottled water does not work for this. If you are having trouble getting it, save one of the mutants like Harry and start the battle, spam mend and the delivery skill until you get it.
  • Ipecac: Acquired by talking to Larry Stintz while wearing the Hint Mask.
  • Blue Key: Acquired after defeating Big Lincoln. Interact with every rock outside of Big L’s place, then go to the room you fought him in and interact until you enter a new room, then interact with the glowing red eyes. Note: You need to kill Big Lincoln before clicking the rocks does anything.
  • Ceremonial Sword: Dash jump from the leftmost cliff in Mr. Beautiful’s area. It’s a leap of faith. Takes you to a hut with a locked blue door. Use the Blue Key and you will find the Ceremonial Sword inside.
  • Sheath and Incomplete Hand: Use the Ceremonial Sword on the middle finger statue at the top of the “Meaning of Life” section in Joyful. You will acquire both the Incomplete Hand and the Sheath by doing this.
  • Goldfish: Acquired by waiting a few minutes in the cave that leads to Lardy’s area. A squirrel will drop the item. You need to defeat Lardy first before the flag trips that allows the squirrel to spawn. Also, if you see a character looking down on you from above, remove your mask and walk to the right to fight him. After defeating him, exit and reenter the room to wait for the squirrel.
  • Stitches: Acquired by interacting with the dead guy behind Dice Mahone 14 times.
  • Tiny Picture: This one’s tricky. You acquire this by holding down and pressing the action button while behind a fence. This fence is to the left of The List, and once you are inside, there will be some items to the right. One of these will be the Tiny Picture.
  • Garden Gloves: Follow the same steps as the Tiny Picture, but once you enter the room with the red skulls inside, hit the action button again behind the first set of fences when Buddy is completely obscured. Climb up, cross the bridge, and you’ll find the gloves behind the reeds.

Puzzles and completing the secret quest

If you press the pause button when you are in front of the Dandelion in the room where you get the Garden Gloves, you will be teleported to a new room with a set of statues. You need to destroy them in the correct order. If you would like the solution, here: Sticky, Buzzo, Dusty, Brad, Yado, Marty, Endpiece 1, Endpiece 2. Then, interact with the Lisa statue. “No friends, no brothers, no fathers, no mothers. Just me.”

Once finished, you will need to place all of the previously acquired items on the now empty pedestals. Here’s a hint, check LISA: The First and you’ll notice some parallels. If you don’t want to go through the effort though: Garden Gloves, Clean Water, Blue Key, Stitches, Ipecac, Sheath, Goldfish, Tiny Picture, Incomplete Hand. This one doesn’t give you a direct indicator, but you’ll know you’ve done it correctly if a door appears on The List. If it hasn’t shown up and you’ve done everything correctly, make sure you’ve killed all the warlords.

Enter the door and, well, you’ll see for yourself. For preparation, make sure to sell all your joy (since you should be playing joyless) and buy as many healing items as you can. Also, regarding what’s behind the door itself… You’re probably better off not attacking at all and playing defensively. Use your Sleep Bombs, Pacifies, and Wolf Stances very liberally. It will save you a lot of time. Escape from battle when they tell you not to run.

So now that you’ve been playing Joyless, once you finish what’s behind the door and acquire the item inside, you’re going to want to go to the Buzzo Secret, the one that requires you to have a Joy Mask to see it. Trigger the cutscene with Buzzo by leaving, then go back inside. Walk to the left of the coffin and, if you’ve done everything correctly, you should see a blue door.

In the next section, you’ll know when to leave if you get a flowering skull. For more specific details:

  • Acquire Buddy’s Skull from under Brad’s bed.
  • Enter the hole in Lisa’s room. Place the Sacred Nipple (now in your key items) on the mound of flesh.
  • Enter a door located behind the mound of flesh.
  • Use Buddy’s Skull on the unique flower. It’ll be more orange compared to the usual yellow flowers.

Once you accomplish these steps, complete the ending as normal (there will be an alternate scene before the fight with Berny if you’ve done everything correctly), but you have to choose “Leave them.” “Join them” does nothing.

Written by bimblor

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