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Little Goody Two Shoes All Golden Maidens (Development)

How to found all Golden Maidens in Little Goody Two Shoes.

Little Goody Two Shoes All Golden Maidens (Development)

This guide is a work in progress. I’m stuck with Thursday for now.


In the village you can meet two girls ATTENTION girls located in Kieferberg and its surroundings can only be found at dusk.

The first is located in front of the entrance to Kieferberg. you need to go up near the house in front of the gate to the village.

The second one is located before the passage to Woodlands.

At the witching hour you can only meet one girl.

She is nearby.


The fourth girl is near the well.

The other is in Eliza’s garden.

Check the dress.

It is on the way to the cave on the left side. It’s pretty easy to get to.

Go to the left side in the cave until the very end.


On the left side where we first meet the “birds” how I hate the segments featuring them.

Go in the opposite direction.

Right side after completing the maze.


Near the mill.

In the maze.

You get according to the plot.

Written by Savior of Dorreta

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