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Little Goody Two Shoes Muffy’s Silence + Free Ways to Get Stuff and Money

In this guide I’ll show you where to find Muffy and get food without spending money.

Little Goody Two Shoes Muffy’s Silence + Free Ways to Get Stuff and Money

Muffy’s Shopping List

Muffy’ll appear once a day at random locations during working hours. She’ll be hiding behind something.If you don’t look for her your suspicion will increase.
She’ll usually hiding near you in a specific hour every day, you know if she’s near if Elise’s showing a Muffy’s icon.

  • Sunday: Bread (Bakery) Lebkuchen’ll give you 2 breads everyEvening if you talk with her, safe one for Muffy.
  • Monday find her at Dusk: Pretzel (Bakery) Sunday Morning, ask Lebkuchen for a date and she’ll give you one
  • Tuesday find her at Morning: Grape Juice (Village Inn) On Monday morning Look for Mrs. Odilie,she’s in Back Alleys and she’ll ask you to find Mr. Wilhelm, he’s the old man near the stables, go back to her and she’ll give you the Grape Juice.
  • Wednesday find her at Afternoon: Lebkuchen, the cookies (Bakery) I don’t know, maybe you can find it inside some vessel. If someone knows please put it in the comments
  • Thursday find her at Afternoon: Hearty Soup (Village Inn) On Tuesday Witch Hour , a Golden Girl at the third stage (the maze) situated all bottom right of the room will give you the soup
  • Friday find her at Morning: Apple Strudel (Bakery) On Wednesday Evening at the town’s windhill a Golden Girl’ll give you one

All consumable items can be purchased in the Bakery or in the Village Inn, if some of the Items doesn’t show wait until the next day

If I Have Forgotten Something

If you know I’ve missed something, please put it in the comments below and I’ll credit you for your help!

Tasks (Not The Minigames)

Click here for NPC secondary tasks guide (it’s a steam link) or look for the Town folks secondary tasks guide.

There is 1 secondary NPC mission everyday and it can give you food or items

Break the Vessels and Explore!

In a lot of vessels during Witch Hour you’ll find healing food or matches!

Salable Items

You can find salable Items by exploring around, doing secondary tasks or talking with Golden Girls.They are only useful to get more money,it’s value is written in the description. They can be sold at the Bakery and Village Inn.

They’ll be usually:

  • Purses
  • Handkerchiefs


  • You can find a Horse Toy near the town’s windhill
  • One of the Golden Girls will give you a Rosary

Saturday Golden Girls Gifts


  • After forcing Rozenmarine to clean, you will be able to go outside and you will find her on the stump next to Elise’s house. She’ll give you a Old Kerchief.

Sunday (How to get free Bread + Pretzel + Ointment)

Muffy’s first appearance as a liability is on Sunday Evening after dinner with Rozenmarine. She’s hiding behind Elise’s house and she’ll ask for bread.

You can get 2 free Bread talking to Lebkuchen at evening when she is swinging, everyday she’ll give you x2 Bread.


If you ask Lebkuchen for a date the first day (you don’t need to go) she’ll give you a Pretzel
also you can ask Freya for a date (you don’t need to go either) and she’ll give you Oinment.

Sunday Golden Girls gifts

Witch Hour

  • You can find her in the first room

Monday (How to get free Grape Juice)

Look for Mrs. Odilie,she is in Back Alleys at morning and she’ll ask you to find Mr. Wilhelm.He’s the old man near the stables.Come back to her and she’ll give you the Grape Juice.

You can find Muffy at dusknear the church (the location it’s random).

Monday Golden Girls gifts


  • Water Well

Witch Hour

  • Jumping down in the second stage.
  • She’s in the third stage all left, passing the butterflies inside a cave.


You can find her at Tuesday Morning at the Back Alleys (she can be in other locations, it’s random).

Tuesday Golden Girls Gifts (How to Get Free Hearty Soup)


  • The church tower she’ll give you a Silk Purse.

Witch Hour

  • There’s a Golden Girl that gives you Ointment at the left side of the forest with png birds
  • She’s in the maze down right


  • You can find a leather purse at the first labyrinth


Muffy’s in Back Alley at afternoon (she can be in other locations, it’s random).

Lilowo’s comment: (thank you for the help). “On Wednesday morning if you speak to Ludwig in the back alley he asks you to find Fynn who is in the Stables inside the farmhouse on the right before you head up into the Windmill. He’ll give you a free spiced wurst.

Also on Wednesday morning if you go to the stables, you’ll see an old man with a monocle talking to another man. If you talk to them and choose the option asking for the key you’ll get a free bread but at a cost of raising suspicion by 1. ”I was wondering about the key” (Bad answer).

Wednesday Evening After leaving town a cutscene where apfel is missing will occur. After the whole cutscene is done, talk to the group Mrs. Lisbeth is in and she’ll give you a free ointment. Then go up and talk to Elma to get a free bandage.”

Wednesday Golden Girl Gifts (How to get Apple Strudel)


  • Before the Apple Strudel is available in the bakery, in one of the nights you can find a Golden Girl near the Windhills that will give you one

Witch Hour


She’s near church (she can be in other locations, it’s random).

Thursday Golden Girl gifts

Witch Hour

  • The Golden girl in the fount will give you berries


You can find her at Morning in Village Inn (she can be in other locations, it’s random).

Friday Golden Girl gifts


  • You can find her at the crossroads, she’ll give you sausages
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