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Little Goody Two Shoes Thursday Witching Hour Guide

After entering the wood you will need to interact with the statue to get the porcelain knife. Use this one the north first. After that, inspect the gate. When you are ready, unlock the thorn on the right side and break the vase. This will trigger a monster to chase you if you are in the water like ground. If you are finished, interact with the statue at the beginning to advance the story.

Little Goody Two Shoes Thursday Witching Hour Guide

You will be guided to the next room.

In the next room, you will need to find a serpent key. Beware of some of the vases as they will turn into monster. My trick: break every vases and restart so I know which one is which.

After you got the serpent key, advance to the next room by going to the bottom of the map from the entrance and go to the right side. Exit the room and you will meet the next area.

This area is about the map in the picture. As you walk, there will be monster occasionally patrolling, so my tips is just don’t accidentally step on a mask to unlock more monsters. This will make your life difficult.

Look at the map and find the snake first. You will be guided to find 3 statues with red eyes and a saving point. Go to the areas where there are triangle in it. The next one after new moon phase, the 4th phase, and lastly the seventh phase (the first phase is the new moon that looked like huge I with 2 dots).

After talking to 3 statues, they will give you a riddle that you need to fulfill. Do this in any order:

  1. Click on the middle vase which is located near the right of the snake phase.
  2. Click on the statue that has water in the crescent moon phase (8th phase)
  3. Click on the lone statue in the new moon phase.

You will be guided to find the soulmate of the blue fire. Find it in the new moon phase on the very left of the map.

The fire will asks you to follow it. Just follow by walking and keep your eye on ground platforms and monster. If there is a monster just run to the platform and wait till it goes away and continue your journey.

At the end, you can save and the fire will guide you to the next room.

Just walk during this transition. There will be masks scattered around. My tips: avoid them by walking! Once 1 is summoned, my suggestion is to run to the north as fast as possible.

The next room is the finish line. Just go towards the gate and opened it.

Congrats! you have cleared the Thursday Witching Hour.


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