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Little Goody Two Shoes Walkthrough Guide

Spoiler-free official Little Goody Two Shoes guide presented by the AstralShift development team.

Little Goody Two Shoes Walkthrough Guide

  • This is a spoiler-free guide. However, by nature of the guide, some game mechanics will be spoiled.
  • Please note that some items have different names in this guide to avoid spoilers. Regardless, these should be easy to identify for players.
  • Through this guide, any player should be able to complete Little Goody Two Shoes from beginning to end. If you follow this guide you will have the necessary conditions to acquire most endings.
  • This guide will cover the main campaign of Little Goody Two Shoes exclusively, and will not focus on the side/secret content.


  • 📖Story Event
  • 🧹 Chore Minigame
  • ❤️Love Event
  • ⌛Event will pass the time period


📖Head home after watching the opening cutscene at the Crossroads.

📖After arriving at Elise’s house, head upstairs to acquire the tinderbox (interact with dresser).

📖Light up the fireplace downstairs.

📖Grab the broom. It’s time to find that burglar and give them a piece of your mind!

📖Head out to the Granary.

📖⌛Head upstairs to Elise’s room and go to bed.



Starting from Sunday, Elise will be able to start going on Romantic Dates with the 3 available bachelorettes: Rozenmarine, Freya, and Lebkuchen.

  • You do not need to attend every single Romantic Date with your sweetheart to complete the game successfully. You can spend your time working for currency instead if you need to do so.
  • With that said, failing to attend two Romantic Dates in a row will lock you out of a character’s Romantic route. Use your time wisely!
  • Note that on Sunday and Monday specifically, Elise must first speak to their desired love interest in order to schedule a Romantic Date for later. Scheduling a Romantic Date does not mean you are obligated to attend it.


📖Visit the Granary to find Rozenmarine.
📖Take Rozenmarine home.
📖Head out to Kieferberg’s Village Square.
📖⌛Attend Sunday mass.


Working Period

🧹Do a task (minigame) to pass the time.
⚠️Don’t forget to interact with your love interest of choice if you’d like to schedule a Romantic Date for later in the day!

(Afternoon & Dusk)

Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task (minigame) or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


📖Go home and have dinner with Rozenmarine.
📖Find Muffy outside Elise’s house and initiate Muffy Bribe #1. Muffy will ask for a loaf of Bread.
📖Guide Rozenmarine to the attic.
📖⌛Head to bed.

Sunday Witching Hour

AREA 1 – Palace Bedroom

  • Interact with the dresser near the door to obtain a Silver Key.
  • Use the Silver Key to unlock the blue chest next to the bed. Items can be used by opening the inventory menu.
  • Open the blue chest to obtain a Golden Key.
  • Use the Golden Key on the door to leave the room and enter the next area.

AREA 2 – Hallway

  • There’s not much to do here. Interact with the Crow and Snake statues in the hallway if you’d like, and continue north to enter the next area. Be sure to save before you do so!

AREA 3 – Candles

ENEMIES: All around this area there will be static and patrolling candles. These enemies have faint circular areas of detection around them: stepping inside these areas will alert the enemies to your presence. Alerted enemies will chase down Elise and damage her, but you can attempt to escape them by running away before they strike you.


  • To unlock the north door, the player will have to collect all 4 Fantasm Keys hidden across the area.
  • Interact with all 4 blue chests spread across the map. The chests can be found in each corner of the map:
    ○ North East contains a Fantasm Key.
    ○ South East contains a Fantasm Key.
    ○ South West contains a Fantasm Key.
    ○ North West contains a riddle that will unlock the location of the final Fantasm Key.
  • After discovering the riddle, return to the entrance (where you first walked into the room). Look for the first bookcase to the right of the entrance, which should now be glowing in golden particles. Interact with the golden bookcase to acquire the final Fantasm Key.
  • Use the 4 Fantasm Keys on the large door to leave the area.

You’ve successfully completed Sunday’s Witching Hour!


🍰Muffy Bribe #2:

Muffy will ask for a Pretzel.


📖Head downstairs and talk to Rozenmarine.
📖Head to the garden in the backyard.
📖⌛Watch the cutscene that follows.


Working Period

📖Watch the cutscene in the Village Square.
🧹Do a task to pass the time.
⚠️Don’t forget to interact with your love interest of choice if you’d like to schedule a Romantic Date for later in the day!


Working Period

📖Watch the cutscene in the Village Square.
🧹Do a task to pass the time.


Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


📖Go home and have dinner with Rozenmarine.
📖Hear about the Testaments from Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Head to bed.

Monday Witching Hour

ENEMIES: Throughout these woods you will find swarms of butterflies that damage Elise upon contact. These butterflies are attracted to LIGHT first, and FLESH second.

AREA 1 – Intro Clearing

  • When Elise first walks into the area, a swarm of butterflies will be devouring a carcass in the center of the map.
  • Use the lantern to light up the beacon found nearby on the upper platform.
  • Approach the swarm of butterflies with your lantern turned on to draw them away from the carcass and towards the beacon. Be sure to run while you do so or the butterflies will catch up to Elise and take a bite!
  • When the butterflies are sufficiently close to the beacon they will be drawn to it, opening up the pathway to the next area.

AREA 2 – Ledge Area

  • This map features a jump-based maze with different height platforms. Make your way up the maze to reach the topmost level of the map.
  • While traversing the maze, you will occasionally have to jump down to lower platforms in order to find the way forward.
  • At the top platform, there will be two swarms of butterflies devouring a carcass. Just as before, light up the beacons on the leftmost and rightmost corners of the map and draw each swarm over to them to unlock the path forward.

AREA 3 – Cave of Carcasses

  • In this area, rather than using beacons as anchors for the butterflies, the player must draw them to nearby carcasses (remember that butterflies are drawn to light first, and to flesh second).
  • The ultimate goal is to draw all 3 swarms of butterflies to the Large Carcass at the uppermost point of the map.
  • You will have to make use of the smaller carcasses as decoys to move the butterfly swarms around the map.
  • To move a swarm, approach them with your lantern turned on and run towards the decoy. Once you’re close enough to it be sure to turn off your lantern so that the swarm is safely dropped off at the carcass.
    ○ Move the swarm in the middle to a nearby decoy to open up the path to the upper half of the map.
    ○ The swarm of butterflies at the top is a direct carry to the Large Carcass and needs no decoys.
    ○ The remaining two swarms on the bottom half of the map should be moved from their spots to the middle decoy, and then moved again to the Large Carcass.

AREA 4 – Basket Clearing

  • Be sure to save when entering the area.
  • Interact with the basket in the middle to trigger a cutscene.
  • After the cutscene finishes you will be chased by a large swarm of butterflies. Make your way backwards through the previous areas until you reach the entrance of the woods once again to escape!

You’ve successfully completed Monday’s Witching Hour!


🍰Muffy Bribe #3:

Muffy will ask for a Grape Juice.


📖Speak to Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Visit the Stables and watch the cutscene.

(Morning & Afternoon)

Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


Working Period

📖Watch the cutscene in the Village Square.
🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


📖Visit the Crossroads and watch the cutscene.
📖Return to Village Square and speak to the villagers.
📖Go home and speak to Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Enter the Woods (Woods Entrance).

Tuesday Witching Hour

AREA 1 – Crow Ring

  • Find the Crow Ring in the middle platform and watch the cutscene that ensues. A gate will open leading up to the upper half of the map, which had been locked off up until this point.
  • You start at the left portion of this section and you’ll have to make your way to the right in order to reach the Golden Crow.
  • Use the trees to safely navigate the map. You will need to use some observation and move slowly in order to avoid getting pecked.
    ○ As you approach the trees, watch as they shake. Identify the tree that is closest to you which does NOT shake.
    ○ Move directly to the tree that did not shake and avoid moving too close to the other trees. Some of the tree AOEs can be a bit tight so we recommend making a beeline for the safe spots and sticking close to them.
    ○ After reaching a safe tree, watch as the shaking animation begins anew. Note that the tree which had previously been safe is now shaking, which means you will be attacked if you do not move onto the next safe tree fast enough.
    ○ The safe trees will make a safe path for Elise to traverse. Head East and you will eventually find the Golden Crow. Interact with it and retrieve the Crow Ring once again.
    NOTE: The mosaic areas on the ground also function as safe zones.
  • Use the Crow Ring in the platform shaped like a claw to unlock the path to the next area.

AREA 2 – Scarecrow Maze

  • This map is peppered with dark-coloured patches of wheat that hide scarecrow enemies. Stepping in front of these patches will trigger a projectile attack. This attack is released in the cardinal directions (up, down, left, right), and will always target the direction from which the player crossed the wheat patch.
  • This is a simple maze puzzle. The player will have to make their way to the exit in the northern end of the map while avoiding the enemies hidden in the wheat.

AREA 3 – Gates Puzzle

  • To find your way forward you will need to open the tree gates blocking the path that leads north.
  • Each gate can be opened by inserting a Crow Slate in the empty slot next to them.
  • The location of the Crow Slates are as follows:
    South West: lying on the ground.
    North East: pick up from the platform.
    North West: use one of the previously picked up slates to open the gate. Walk the short path leading up to a new platform, where the third Crow Slate can be picked up from.
    ○ Retrieve the slate used to open the previous gate. You should now have 3 Crow Slates in your inventory.
  • Make your way back to the initial gate (north of the entrance point). Use the Crow Slates on each of the three gates that follow to unlock the path to the next area.

AREA 4 – Horse Chase

  • Interact with Rozenmarine in the center clearing.
  • Receive the Wheat Testament.
  • Follow Rozenmarine towards the north where she ran off.
  • Watch the cutscene that follows. Be prepared to dodge sideways as soon as you regain control of Elise!
  • Head back towards the clearing and watch the cutscene that ensues. A path is cleared on the right.
  • Be sure to save before you head towards the new path that’s just opened.
  • A chase sequence will ensue! Make sure you don’t stop running, and watch out for falling obstacles – good luck!

You’ve successfully completed Tuesday’s Witching Hour!


🍰Muffy Bribe #4:

Muffy will ask for a Lebkuchen.


📖Speak to Rozenmarine.
📖Visit the Windmill and watch the cutscene that ensues. After speaking to the villagers, hear what Rozenmarine has to say.
❗Speak to the villagers gathered at the Windmill once more (they will be marked with a red exclamation mark).

  • NOTE: This will be the first in a chain of 3 quests available throughout the day. Be sure to clear all three quests in order to gain access to the Windmill at the end of the day!

📖⌛Visit the Church and watch the cutscene.


Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.
❗Speak to Eugen and Wilhelm at the Stables.


Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.
❗Speak to Fynn and Guido at the Stables.


Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


📖Head home. You will be intercepted by Jakob in the Crossroads.
📖Watch the cutscene in the Village Square.
📖⌛Enter the Woods (Woods Entrance).

Wednesday Witching Hour

AREA 1 – Mosaic Puzzle

  • Make your way north to enter the next area.
  • There is an optional puzzle here: at the center of the map you will notice a large mosaic mural. This mural shows an image split into 9 parts, with some missing.
    ○ Before this puzzle can be started, the player will need to find and pick up the 3 Mosaic Slabs laying on the ground across the map.
    ○ Once you’ve gathered all three, insert the 3 Mosaic Slabs into the mural.
    ○ This will trigger an optional sliding puzzle. If you get stuck on the puzzle for too long you can always reset it by leaving the puzzle screen and interacting with the mural once more!

AREA 2 – Pitfalls

  • Head north and watch the cutscene that ensues.
  • After the cutscene, Elise and Apfel will be placed on opposite halves of the map and will be linked by a curse that will have Apfel mimic Elise’s movements.
  • Navigate Elise across the platform to make your way towards the exit. Pay attention to the tiles on the platform – some will shake, while others won’t. The shaking tiles will collapse if Elise steps on them, so they should be avoided.
  • Head south after crossing the platform to enter the following area.

AREA 3 – Mimicked Movement

  • As the curse persists, Apfel will continue to mimic Elise’s movement.
  • With this in mind, navigate the map and make your way to the south, guiding both Apfel and Elise, and avoiding the obstacles in each half of the map.

AREA 4 – Apfel Escape

  • The curse will break, and Apfel will now move independently from Elise. His vision impaired, he will run off towards the South.
  • Quickly run south until you reach a platform with two step-on switches. Be sure to avoid enemies and obstacles as you make your way to this platform, as they can slow you down!
  • Reach the platform in time and watch as Apfel approaches the two pitfalls that stand in his way. Press the correct step-on switch (watch the direction of Apfel’s movement) in order to lift up a platform and create a safe path for Apfel to cross.
  • This will repeat three times, with each platform having a different set of obstacles before it.
  • Reunite with Apfel and escape the woods.

You’ve successfully completed Wednesday’s Witching Hour!


📖Watch the cutscene at the Crossroads.
📖Speak to the villagers in the Village Inn. It’s time to celebrate!
❗Obtain the Windmill key from Eugen. (only available if you completed the previous quests in the chain).
❗Head to the Windmill and use the Windmill Key to enter.
❗Complete the Crow’s Challenge to acquire the Tender Flesh Testament.


🍰Muffy Bribe #5:

Muffy will ask for a Hearty Soup.


📖Speak to Rozenmarine.
📖Visit Village Square and speak to Father Hans.
📖⌛Visit the Church and speak with Lebkuchen.


Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


Working Period

📖Visit the Village Square and watch the cutscene.
🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


Working Period

🧹Do a task to pass the time.


📖Head home and speak to Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Head for the Woods (Woods Entrance).

Thursday Witching Hour

ENEMIES: Throughout these woods you will find Visages, enemies who will chase you down if they detect you in their proximity. To safely bypass them, use the checkered platforms across the map as safe spots and wait for the enemies to resume their route.

AREA 1 – First Visage Encounter

  • Interact with the statue and pick up the Porcelain Knife.
  • Continue right and break a vase to obtain another Porcelain Knife.
  • Use a Porcelain Knife to cut down the vines to the East of the vase. Break the vase in this enclosure.
  • Cut down the vines north of the statue and follow the pathway upwards. Watch the cutscene that ensues.
  • Return to the first map and walk through the now open gate into the next area.

AREA 2 – Large Gate (Pt. 1)

  • Approach the large gate to the north and watch the cutscene.
  • Interact with the gate.
  • After the map changes, make sure to save before you head east into the next area.

AREA 3 – Vases

  • This area is littered with many vases, which you must break until you find the Snake Key.
  • Make sure to take cover and step on checkered platforms often to save your progress if you happen to be hit by a Visage while exploring.
  • Head East after acquiring the Snake Key to progress into the next area (you can also return to the previous map via the Northwest entrance and head South through a route that was previously blocked off).

AREA 4 – Moon Puzzle & Blue Soul

NOTE: This area features a two-part puzzle: one which will have you activate a set of statues in a specific order according to the phases of the moon, and a short escort mission.
Throughout this map, a moon symbol will always be reflected in 8 possible coordinates around Elise. This will be your guiding mark (sort of functions like a compass).

  • Speak to the Blue Flame and follow the direction of the moon towards the center point of the map (Southeast) from your initial spawn point.
  • Watch the cutscene that ensues and interact with the stone slate in the center platform.
PUZZLE 1 – Moon Phase Statues
  • The stone slate will be your guide for this puzzle. See how there are eight moon phases displayed in eight cardinal directions.
  • Each corner of the triangle marks the location of a large statue that you’ll have to interact with. The order in which these statues are interacted with does not matter.
  • Each statue will provide two hints about the location of their corresponding switches: a short description of the switch, and their moon phase. Following the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water will take you to the area of the switch you will need to activate.
  • Note that switches will become interactable only after speaking to their corresponding statue.
  • We recommend doing one set of statue + switch at a time to avoid losing track of any important directions.
  • The puzzle will conclude after activating all three switches, after which a new Blue Flame will spawn on a platform to the West of the map.
PUZZLE 2 – Blue Soul Escort
  • Head to where the Blue Soul has spawned (if you’re having trouble finding it just head left from the Stone Slate until you reach a large checkered platform with pillars).
  • Speak to the Blue Soul and initiate the escort mission.
    ○ Stay close to the Blue Flame as it makes its way to the middle platform (where the Stone Slate can be found).
    ○ If you stray too far from the Soul, she will stop momentarily. If you spend too much time away it will reset the Soul back to its starting position.
    ○ Beware of the enemies roaming around and take cover if you need to!
  • After reaching the middle area the Blue Flames will be reunited at last, and a second Snake Key will spawn in the middle of the Stone Slate platform.
  • Head North along the path laid out by the souls. This will take you to the exit.

AREA 5 – Large Gate (Pt. 2)

  • You’ll find yourself back on the map with the large gate.
  • Use the 2 Snake Keys in your inventory to unlock the large gate.
  • Enter it to reach the final area.

AREA 6 – Water Clearing

  • Watch the cutscene that follows.
  • Obtain the Needle Testament.

You’ve successfully completed Thursday’s Witching Hour!


🍰Muffy Bribe #6:

Muffy will ask for an Apple Strudel.


📖Speak to Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Visit the Village Inn and speak to Father Hans. Watch the cutscene.


Working Period

🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


Working Period

📖Visit the Church and watch the Village Council event.
🧹❤️Do a task or go on a Romantic Date (if available) to pass the time.


Working Period

🧹Do a task to pass the time.


📖Head home and speak to Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Head for the vigil in the Village.

Friday Witching Hour

AREA 1 – Narcissus

  • Watch the cutscene that begins upon entering. You will be automatically teleported into the next area.

AREA 2 – Cursed Village Square (Pt. 1)

  • Notice that the Church entrance is blocked off. We will come back to this point later.
  • Head right from the fountain and enter the next area. Feel free to save on the way if you’d like.

AREA 3 – Cursed Village Inn

  • All across this map there will be a set of switches, each marked with a moon phase symbol (seen once again in the reflection of the water).
  • Upon entering, interact with the Stone Slate. For each symbol on this slate, a switch will need to be pressed.
    ○ Notice how the symbols are displayed on the image. The Stone Slate is turned upside down, meaning that the order in which the symbols need to be pressed is reversed.
  • If you mess up the order in which the switches have been pressed, you can reset the puzzle by pulling the lever to the left of the Stone Slate.
  • After completing the puzzle successfully, the ghostly vines blocking the way forward will disappear. Head east through the path that has now cleared to enter the next area.

AREA 4 – Weeping Angels

  • From the starting position, head down the stairs. Watch the cutscene and take note of the statue’s advice.
  • This puzzle will trigger after crossing the two red lamps (a flash will go off indicating that you are now inside the puzzle perimeter).
  • The enemies in this area, called Weeping Angels, will be drawn to Elise if she moves while using her lantern.
  • You will need to find your way out by moving in the dark, occasionally turning on your lantern to gather your bearings about your current location.
  • Close to the exit you will find a blue sparkling item. Interact with it to pick up the Serpent Lyre.
  • Head right from this point and make your way to the next area.

AREA 5 – Cursed Village Square (Pt. 2)

  • You’ve made your way back to the starting area.
  • Approach the Church gate and use the Serpent Lyre to unlock it.
  • Heed the warning and use the save spot nearby before going inside.
  • Enter the Church.

AREA 5 – Cursed Church

  • This is a boss encounter! Answer the fiend’s questions correctly while avoiding damage and you will be successful – good luck!
  • Obtain the Empty Vessel.

You’ve successfully completed Friday’s Witching Hour!


📖Watch the cutscene at the Village Square.
📖Speak to the Rozenmarine and enter the Church. Be sure to save beforehand.

  • Walk over to the water basin that is overflowing.
    ○ Use the Empty Vessel from your inventory on the water basin.
    ○ Open your inventory and use the Needle Testament.
  • Complete the Serpent’s Challenge to acquire the Sweetest Nectar Testament.



📖Speak to Rozenmarine.
📖⌛Visit the Church and attend the festival procession.


(Previous event skips directly to the Afternoon period.)

(Afternoon) Attend St. Walpurga Festival

(Optional)🧹Use a Festival Ticket to do a task (does not pass time).

❤️If you have at least 4 Heart Pieces with a love interest, you will be able to invite her on one final Romantic Date.
💔If you don’t have at least 4 Heart Pieces, you can simply invite one of the love interests to join Elise in the Woods.


❤️Complete the Romantic Date and acquire the Love Token.
💔If you did not go on the final Romantic Date this time period will be skipped.


📖⌛Head for the Woods (Woods Entrance).

Saturday Witching Hour

NOTE: This is the final section of the game. Once you enter the Woods you will not be able to return, so be sure to use the Crossroads’ save spot before you do so.

  • Each room in this area will have a sacrificial pedestals that corresponds to an item in the Gifts menu (the Basket icon in your main menu).
  • The player will have to fill in each slot (Tender Flesh, Sweetest Nectar, and The Good Company) with a select item in their inventory of their choosing.
  • Assuming that you have been following along with this guide, you should have secured all the Testaments necessary to access the final portion of the game and its true ending. With that said, we recommend trying different item combinations in your basket to explore different outcomes to Elise’s final sacrifice!

We’ll keep the final portion of the game a secret for your enjoyment… We hope you have fun collecting all endings and finding all of Kieferberg’s little secrets. Congratulations on completing Little Goody Two Shoes!

Written by astralshiftpro

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