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Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations (Shadow People)

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations


1:(Before Six) The first broken down bridge where it looks like you can jump but you cant. Run Next to where you climb up closest to the screen and it will lead down a small tunnel.

2:(Before Six) When you have to walk through the trap field after sliding down a log, crouch under the log and it will let you under and you will see a Glitch kicking a dead animal.

3:(After Six) The outhouse in the back, Just walk over to it and use “Hey” and Six will boost you up, Glitch will be standing on the toilet.

4:(After Six) When you get to the beach walk over to the TV and Couch, a Glitch will be sitting on the chair.


5: (Before Six Taken)Glitch will show up after you make the two TV’s drop right at the start of chapter two

6: (Before Six Taken)Glitch will be at the other garbage can near the broken Bike, they will be sitting.

7: (After Six Taken)After you pass the Bully who is dissecting a frog and you smash him, there will be a locker you can open, the third from the left.

8:(After Six Taken)When you get to the Chess puzzle, instead of going straight to the puzzle take a left and the Glitch will be sitting on the edge next to a noose.

9:(After Six Taken)In the cafe you need to pull a tray holder aside that is blocking a door, push the door open and a glitch will be clear as day to see sitting on a freezer where the lunch lady is.

10: Before you enter the Hospital you need to cross a long plank, on the way you will have to move a large open garbage can, after you’ve done that there will be a small opening with a glitch chilling there, Not hard to miss.


11: Right at the start after you get the flashlight, instead of keeping on path, go down the large room with Hospital beds and a Glitch will be in the End Middle.

12: Before you meet the hand you will be in a area filled to the brim with doll parts, go away from the screen and down the hall way and you will see a glitch just standing there.

13: Before you run into the hall way of arms grabbing you run the other way and there will be an opening in the gate behind you.
(BONUS: Bring the cheese with you and drop it in the hole ;] )

14: Once you make it to the showers move the box of soap in the left corner you will see a vent and go in and see a gross sight.


15: (Before Six is taken)Go away from the camera view and you will see a sewer and get on in, You will see a glitch sitting and fishing!

16: (Before Six is taken)When you and Six are riding the elevator up you can see a little box to the left once you reach the top, pull on it and you will see a vent you can go into, The Glitch will be standing on a sleep mat.

17: (Before Six is taken)When you are on a roof after some people fall, once you have to climb the wood structure there will be boxes behind it, head into the hole in the wall and the glitch should be jumping. You can just climb your way back out.

18: (After Six is taken)After sliding across on a hanger, instead of heading right, hop back out the window you came from and walk to the other window and jump in.

(Bonus: Break the statue the Glitch is standing next to ;] )

Written by Charlie Brown

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