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Little Witch in the Woods Ritoring’s Gift Locations

Location of all items found so far by me. If you know any other locations, let us know in the comments below! Also check: Little Witch in the Woods Quest Walkthrough

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14 Ritoring’s Gift Locations

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Witch Chalk

You don’t need to buy chalk from Diana to recreate all the gates currently available in the game. Just collect these three.

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Useful Info

Time does not count down in such events, then you can collect materials without worrying about time:

  • First night, when you get off the train and go to the mountains.
  • First day, when you go to the train from the cottage.
  • When you save Rubrum and give him a candy (either before the bombs or after the bombs when looking for a recipe for a potion).
  • Till you clean the witch’s house.

Items with a heart icon restore your stamina. You can get the cake for free when you chat with Enite.

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If you answer Kent’s questions correctly, you’ll get an extra candy.


  • Yes
  • Wisteria
  • 4 people

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Items such as a broom or a butterfly net must first be used from your inventory to be added as a tool, as well as recipes.

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