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Longvinter Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks

In this guide you can find all information!

Welcome to longvinter!

Hello fellow survivors!

In this guide I’ll try to explain everything you need to know for a plesant gameplay!
If you’re missing anything please let me know so I can update the guide.

You can always join our discord-server if you have further questions. We have a very active & friendly community all willing to help eachother out!



How do I get a rod?

You can buy a rod at the vending machines.

Everything you need to know!

How do I catch a fish?

Equip your fishing rod, Walk to a fishing pond and click on the pond to start fishing!
When a fish takes the bait, you have to rapidly press E multiple times.

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What can I do with my fish?

You can cook your fish at a furnice for food or sell your fish at the vending machines.

What is the difference between a normal rod and the telescopic reel?

There isn’t much of a difference. But the telescopic reel looks much better!

Where can I find different types of fish?

In the link below you can find the map with all fishing locations.


How do i get a axe or chainsaw?

You can buy them at the vending machines or find them in lootboxes.

How do i get logs?

Equip your tool, Find a tree and hold your right mouse button, With the axe you have to click with the left mouse button multiple times, With the chainsaw you only have to hold the right mouse button to start chopping!

How many logs does one tree give?

Between 1-4 Logs.

What types of wood are there?

Regular wood are the larger trees (darker green)
Juniper wood are the smaller trees (light green)

Tents & Houses

How do I get a tent?

You can buy a tent at the vending machines.

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How do I place my tent?

Open your inventory by pressing the TAB key & click on the tent you just bought.
Find yourself a good spot, You can place your tent when its collored yellow.

How do I get a house?

You can upgrade your tent to a house by buying a workbench and place it inside your tent.
Now you’ll have to put 100 logs into your workbench!

BEWARE: When you log out of the game, the logs you’ve put in the workbench will reset to 0

Can I build outside my home?

Yes, once upgraded to a house you have your own piece of ground outside your home.
Every item with the green color will be build on your property, Everything with the blue color is outside of your property.

How do I get furniture?

You can buy furniture at vending machines, Or craft them yourself!

How do I replace my tent?

Place a workbench in your tent, Now you’re able to dismantle your tent.
The tent & workbench will be placed inside your inventory!
NOTE: Make sure your tent is empty before dismanteling it!


How do I get farming seeds?

You can get seeds at vending machines, craft seeds by putting 4 of the same item inside your workbench or find them in loot boxes.

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How do I get planter boxes?

You can buy them at vending machines or find them in loot boxes.

What is the best plant to grow?

Black lotus has the highest value at this moment. It is always a good idea to grow some food aswell.

Where do I sell my plants?

You can sell your plants at vending machines or with NPC’s at outposts.

Crafting & Cooking

How do I craft items?

Place a workbench inside your home to start crafting!

How do I cook food?

You’ll have to get a campfire (outside) or a fireplace (inside)
Walk up to the fire and press spacebar. Insert your food and wait a couple of seconds untill its cooked!

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Where can I find the recipes?

You can get yourself a buildersbook/cookbook.

How do I get all recources needed to craft?

Multiple items can only be found at lootboxes, They are scattered all over the map!

All craftable items:

In the link below you’ll see all crafting recipes.


How do I get a turret?

You can find turrets in lootboxes (very rare) Or You can craft one yourself!
You’d have to talk to the NPC with the farminghat at sgt lake’s outpost to buy the turretpart.
Before you can talk to him, you’ll have to complete the plants compendium.
(open inventory, press the blue book on the left to see your progress)

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Where can I place my turrets?

You can place turrets inside of your property.. only on the outside of your house.
(Be aware when placing the turrets have a green color).

How do I make sure my turrets don’t kill my friends?

In order to protect your friends, You’ll have to give them the code to your house and let them enter atleast once.

Guns & Ammo

How do I get a gun?

Guns can only be found in lootboxes. The best spot is in the upperright corner of the map.

How do I get ammo?

Ammo can be found in lootboxes, Or be bought at sirola’s secret shop.

Do I need different type of ammo for each gun?

As for now there’s only one type of ammo. The ammo works on all guns!
There are boxes with 25,50 or 100 bullets.

How do I load my gun?

Just equip your gun & click on the ammo box inside your inventory.

Trading & Selling

Where can I sell my stuff?

Some items can be sold to specific NPC’s or blue vending machines.
You could also sell all your stuff at the green vending machine, Be aware the green vendingmachine gives lower values then blue vending machines.

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Can I trade with other players?

As for now there Isn’t a official way to trade with other players.
You could trade by dropping items out of your inventory, But this is fully based on trusting eachoter.

Suggestions, Ideas, Reporting a bug & Questions.

How do I report a bug?

When ingame u can press the ESC button. Click on ”report a bug”.

I have a idea, How do I contact the developers?

You can share all your suggestions & ideas in the discord server.

I still have some questions, How can I get help?

Our community is very helpfull, You can ask players ingame or ask your questions on discord.

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