Longvinter Maps: Farming and Ressources Locations, + Detailed Version

Longvinter Maps Farming Locations, Vanilla, and Detailed Version

2 types of maps: Ressources/Locations & Detailed Version.

I wanted to clarify a few points with the community. First of all, I did not make any of the following maps; I have identified the original authors and contributors, with their unique Discord ID, above the picture. Finally, I could care less about the points given to this guide. It’s an extra that I will most likely give back to the community on other guides.

Official Map of Longvinter

For those looking for the vanilla version:

Longviter - Current MAP

Locations & Resources

Special thanks to the original posters: tucker#3666, Matavatar#1808 & Miko#1279

Longviter - Current MAP-1

Detailed Version

Special thanks to the original posters: lMidnightSkyl#0001 & HarryWhoCan#3847

Longviter - Current MAP-2

Ship route map

ship route map longvinter

More of this sort of thing:

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