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Lords Mobile: Admin Buildings

Lords Mobile is a MMO strategy game with millions of players from all over the globe. In the game, you are the ruler of your Turf. You have to work to develop your Turf, expand your Castle, raise your army, and compete against others to be the best! To that end, you can choose to join a guild, and work together with your allies to further your goals.

Admin Buildings

Castle (fixed): Your Castle is the most important building in your Turf. Upgrade it to unlock new buildings and features, and increase the max level of other buildings.

(Resource Buildings can only be of a higher level than your Castle when they are at Lv 2 to 4)

You can also view information about your resources and the upkeep of your troops at your Castle. Upgrading the Castle will also increase your Army Limit, max deployable Heroes in an Army, max Army Size, and max Guild Helps you can request from guildmates.

Castle Wall (fixed): The Castle Wall is your last line of defense. Garrison heroes and build traps here to protect your turf from invasion. Damaged walls regenerate over time. Upgrade to increase the Wall’s HP, recovery rate, and max Trap capacity.

Vault (fixed): Store your resources in the Vault to safeguard them during raids! Upgrade it to store more resources.

Watchtower (fixed): The Watchtower warns you of impending attacks, informs you when you have been scouted, and let you know when supply troops or reinforcements are arriving. Upgrade it to get more detailed reports. (Lv 25 Watchtowers will unlock the [Fortify] button. Tap it to quickly bolster your defenses for an impending Siege Battle, and lower your enemies’ power!)

Academy: Research new technology at the Academy to unlock boosts. Upgrade the Academy to reduce research time.

Battle Hall: Build a Battle Hall to start or join a rally! Upgrade your Battle Hall to rally more troops. (Soldiers that join a Rally will share the Coalition Leader’s attributes, including Technology, Boosts, Hero Skills, Equipment, and Altar Boosts.)

Embassy: Once you have an Embassy, your guildmates will be able to send troops to help you. Upgrade your Embassy to let more Allied Troops into your turf. Upkeep for Allied Troops sent to your turf will be paid by your guildmate.

Workshop: Forge Equipment, and fuse Jewels and Materials in the Workshop. Upgrade the Workshop to Lv 17 to unlock your Leader’s 2nd Accessory slot, and to Lv 25 to unlock the 3rd Accessory slot.

Trading Post: Trade resources with your guildmates at the Trading Post. Upgrade the Trading Post to send more resources and pay less supply tax. Upgrade the Trading Post to Lv 25 to increase your Supply Troops’ Travel Speed by 100%.

Prison: You can capture enemy Leaders in your Prison at Castle Lv 10+. If your Castle is Lv 17+, you’ll be able to execute prisoners. It takes longer to execute higher level prisoners. Upgrade your Prison to reduce waiting time. (Lv 25 Prisons will grant an Army ATK Boost when an enemy leader is imprisoned.)

Altar: The Altar grants temporary Army Boosts when you execute your captured Leaders. Upgrade the Altar to improve the effects of these boosts. (Executing 1 Leader grants a 24-hour boost. You can extend the duration of the boost by executing more Leaders.)

ther with your allies to further your goals.

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